Diablo III Metacritic User Score isn’t Looking so Good

So Diablo III launched and people are having problems. If you didn’t think it would happen you’re either incredibly optimistic or very naive. So gamers wanting to play are a little pissed. I can’t understand that and hell, I even empathize with you. I think we’ve all had a particular game we’ve wanted to play where one bug or problem gets in the way of our enjoyment. And what do some of you guys do? You start becoming the epitome of whiny-snot-nosed-brats.

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Xristo2078d ago

I don't own D3 and don't plan on buying it anytime soon (not my fav genre) but I find it hard to believe D3 is an "honest" 0/10 .... this is why Metacritic sucks...users are irrational with their scores.

WeskerChildReborned2078d ago

True, some people just troll on certain games and when they give low scores, they don't even really tell you the reason they give it a low score but that's sometimes. Anyway, people shouldn't even trust the user reviews unless it actually give's detail into why they gave it a low score or high score instead of "It's awesome" or "It suck's". I like my reviews to be detailed but i usually don't base my decision on reviews whether i buy the game or not.

SilentNegotiator2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Can't get past the login screen?


Sorry, but if it doesn't work most of the time, that's a 0. An F. Broken.

And scrolling through the user reviews, I'd say a LOT of them gave VERY solid reasons.

da_2pacalypse2078d ago

I wont lie, I've been looking forward to D3 for a very long time. the game itself is solid, but there is no denying that they've dumbed down the game quite a lot. There is not skill or leveling system here, it's just an automatic upgrade which I'm not fan of...

Anyways, the servers are the main issues here, There is no excuse for the servers going down 3 times on opening day, specially considering that the game was in beta for longer than 6 months

Yes, the metacritic reviews are exaggerated, but what else did you expect? It's the internet!

KozmoOchez2077d ago

if you can't get past the login screen, then you can't rate the game...because you haven't played it. Let's get real people, who didn't foresee this happening even in the slightest?

ChrisW2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

It happens on a lot of games... especially smartphone games. "Crashes all the time. Garbage!" People who write such reviews are normally simple minded teenagers.

Coffin872077d ago

The problem is the "downtime", error 37.
Some people decided to boycott a single player game that.. you.. cannot play because the servers for the *SINGLE* player game are offline.
I can understand this decision.

Denethor_II2077d ago

"you.. cannot play because the servers for the *SINGLE* player game are offline.
I can understand this decision."

Well my friend, you have a simple case of pirating mother fuckers ruining it for everyone else.

hay2077d ago

@KozmoOchez: I agree, but those people can't get to the game due to systems being part of the game. Hence part of the product they paid for prohibits them from enjoying it.

Therefore it's completely valid to put 0/10 because the game is broken for them to the point that they can't play it.

Now tell me how the DRM and mandatory log in isn't part of this product, and should be ignored in reviews when it affects the possibility of enjoying, or even trying out what you paid for?
It isn't as if the and protection is being optional and skippable. It's integrated part of the product which prohibits thousands of users from getting what they paid for.

Gaming1012077d ago

lol seriously? who listens to the friggin user score which has been either inflated or deflated by fanboys or haters? its the only score less reliable than the actual metacritic score itself - be an individual and form your own opinion you sheep.

FredEffinChopin2077d ago


Simple minded teenagers? Is that your go-to putdown or something, because I don't see the correlation between maturity and being able to enjoy games that don't work.

I suppose when you encounter a game that won't run you just go ahead and give it a proper recommendation? Please tell me you do, just to fully flesh out the moronic impression you've started to project into my mind.

Revolver_X_2077d ago

From what I hear everyone that played the beta enjoyed it. MW3 server did the exact same thing for the entire first week of launch, then consistent server problems continued for months, and no one trolled MW3' score. This generation of gamers are egocentric dumbasses. You can disagree all day, you're probably one of them. D3 has been out for 2 days with a user base already in the millions, something an FPS will never accomplish, what do you expect from the servers. Balance issues will come into play 100% of time when you have that much of a sudden increased flow. Blizzard isnt my fav, but I know when it comes to MMO's they know what they're doing. It'll be fixed by next week.

By the way, D3 being a MMO means whoever bought the game plans to play it for a considerable amount of time. Then we have crybabies over 1 day. Obvious trolls. Ppl like SilentNegotiator are whats wrong with gaming. He spends more time commenting on N4G then actually playing games. You ppl are truly pathetic. Opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has one.

Shadowstar2077d ago

"Let's get real people, who didn't foresee this happening even in the slightest?"

I didn't. It's Diablo 3. I played Diablo 2... damn, when I was 20. Sure, the servers were down sometimes, but hell, I could just play offline.

I don't follow the news on games like D3 since I know that nostalgia's going to make it a day 1 purchase, so I had no clue that they were screwing everyone like this.

This kind of thing has to be writ large, in bold, with caps. Maybe blinking, so that no one misses it. And those servers need to be up 24x7 for the next 20 years. Diablo is a single player game, and not being able to play it at all if is down was not a part of my expectation.

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achmetha2078d ago

yeah, they need a "verified" user base that actually lends credible reviews...rather than teenagers that use it as a way to "get back" at a publisher or developer.

The time I've spent in game on Diablo III is time well spent, and frankly, the downtime on the servers is allowing me to catch a bite to eat and finish a few other things around the house.

Hopefully the next time they bring the servers back up, they stay up for a few hours...

morganfell2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Do you realize that there are people that have yet to be able to log on? They have had the title for two days and cannot play yet? I was finally able to get on last night and then 30 minutes later we were booted. What would you have gamers do? Say something on the Blizzard forums? To what does that amount?

I find it laughable that people are defending Activision when gamers are simply treating them with the same degree of respect the publisher handed the game buyers.

Wait, I know your solution - "Just go play some other title."

If people wanted to play another title, then they would have bought another title.

The issue is that in order to prevent the far minority from illegally obtaining the game, Blizzard has carelessly punished the loyal, paying fanbase. Sorry, but that is idiotic and wholly unjustified. It's tantamount to seeing a fly on your laptop and killing it with a sledgehammer. It may accomplish the job but at what price?

I asked the question yesterday, if you bought a new car and couldn't drive it off the lot how would you react? Or a new TV that wouldn't turn on. Would you just take it home and sit it in your main media room and and say, "They'll get it working."

achmetha2077d ago


how did you get all that out of me saying metacritic needs a verified user base and that my time with diablo iii has been fun when i can get online? because i'm not enraged like everyone else, means i support it? untrue, so don't put words in my mouth.


i think all this "hate" is because of the downtime. i played a few hours and im loving it

StayStatic2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Sounds about right , the German Amazon site did something similar with BF3 because it used origin even though the actual game was good.

The fact an additional service such as battlenet or origin is causing score reductions is kind of disappointing when the gameplay is solid.

Kur02078d ago

its also about the DRM really.

FFXI1012078d ago

Lucky you, I'm getting error 3007. It kicks me out every few mins -.-"

SilentNegotiator2078d ago

Well it has to WORK if a game wants a good score from me....

Halochampian2077d ago


Well you're suppose to finish a game before scoring it... correct? I mean people get on reviewers for not taking the time to review a game correctly and then they go out and give it a 0 when there are server problems that were foreseeable.

I knew this was going to happen so I didnt buy the game until around 9 last night and I played it for about 3 hours and enjoyed the hell out of it.

SilentNegotiator2077d ago


But they've already PAID for the game. And an essential part of the game is the servers. Which aren't working.

This isn't Blizzard's first game. They need to be on top of their servers if they're going to REQUIRE online connection for a SINGLE PLAYER game.

If I bought Dumbed-down-ablo 3 and it didn't work, I'd put up a 0 until they fixed it. And then I would still ABSOLUTELY consider the experience when giving it a revised score. Because it's a part of what I paid for.

And let's be honest here....nothing short of several zeros will get Blizzard's attention at all. Word of mouth (or net) is often a big part of how games do....and the message is "Fix the game or we cannot recommend this title"

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brish2078d ago


What would you rate a game that you just bought that you couldn't play because the game servers wouldn't let you start the game?

I have no doubt that *IF* you can play the game it would score much better than zero but that's not the experience a lot of gamers are getting right now.

I think a zero rating for a game that doesn't let you get past it's log in screen is accurate. Hopefully Blizzard will fix this issue so that people who legally bought the game will be able to play it.

Mottsy2078d ago

Agreed brish! This isn't Blizzard's first rodeo! If you release a game, and people pay their hard earned money i expect to play the game i purchased. It's like buying a new game and not being able to play it....oh wait ya . Blizzard can give whatever excuse they want, but long story short it is a 0/10 if its unplayble. Get your act together Blizzard.

Solid_Snake372078d ago

That's a reason to knock off a few points from your review, the fact that you can't play offline is disappointing from Blizzards part. However, doesn't justify a 0/10... Trolls

Mottsy2078d ago

The fact we cant play at all once we bought it should be a thing of a past. But it ain't

Cerv-Clash2078d ago

Yeah but isn't 0/10 a little drastic? Too many people act on impulse,will they really change it when they get to play?

SeekDev2078d ago

There should be a separate review for the login screen.

ChrisW2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I'm just wondering where in the hell the official reviews are on Metacritic!!!

Mottsy2077d ago

@ Cerv I don't believe it is drastic. Blizzard has had this problem before, If something is on the shelf for sale, I expect to be able to play what I just bought. Its been 24 hours and i got to play maybe a hour before getting DCed and not being able to log back on.

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catfrog2078d ago

lots of these 0/10's are because the game has been unplayable for a majority.

while i believe the game isnt the log in screen and the problem will be alleviated in the near future and people should rate the game based on the actual game and not trying to log in blizzard did drop the ball here.

they should have advertised an open beta and tried to get millions of subsequent users on it at once. they could have done it, but they didnt and now the games servers cant handle the traffic on release. no ones to blame but blizzard, they should have known people would be frustrated when they couldnt play the game they bought because blizzard doesnt test their game to make sure their always on policy is feasible with their servers.

an offline mode or servers that could handle the load would have solved these problems, they didnt think it was worth it and now their game score is paying the price. i cant feel sorry for them, they knew this was a possiblity but acted inadequately to prevent it from happening.

Nimblest-Assassin2078d ago

I got my copy... but Im waiting till the end of June to play it, so it does not get in the way of school, and gives Blizzard enough time to work out the kinks.

Got Max payne and starhawk to keep me occupied till then

Perjoss2077d ago

People go to Metacritic for the main scores, user scores mean nothing.

Always online is only really 50% about the DRM. The main game can be played as a single player yes but you use the same character for multiplayer coop and player versus player.

Dont have internet? sorry that's too bad. Same as people complaining about games that do not support SDTV. These things hold back the industry, if devs paid too much attention to stuff like that we would still be playing black and white games in 320x240 with no multiplayer at all.

Life sucks get a f'king helmet.

DragonKnight2077d ago

This is the stupidest comment I've seen on this subject. You are equating "always online" DRM as industry progress and it's sickening. Publishers like Activision love people like you and see you coming from miles away. It's stupidity like that that punishes legitimate players and you're for that? Unbelievable.

iamnsuperman2077d ago

True and which is why I do not understand why publications produce stuff about the user meta critic score. It doesn't really mean anything. Most scores are either 0 or 10.

Sony3602077d ago

Honestly, user scores are something I've always ignored for reasons like this.

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NastyLeftHook02078d ago

so if your favorite game got a bad meta i guess you should never play it /s. seriosuly people hold metacritic up to a high level its ridiculous.

kevnb2078d ago

metacritic sucks, and the users are mostly dumb kids.

admiralthrawn872078d ago

lol metacritic user score. Have people not figured out yet that angry fanboys rate down games that they havent even played? It happens to all the popular games. People are butthurt over the always online thing and the changes to the potions. and they're using the only method that makes them feel like they have a slight bit of power, user score on metacritic. good job, it doesnt matter at all.