NPD December (12/2 to 1/5) Software and Hardware Preview

VGChartz reports on Thursday, at approximately 6:30 PM EST NPD will release its data for December – which will cover the period from December 2nd 2007 to January 5th 2008.

Weekly Hardware Sales and Totals for Five-Week December:

Platform Dec 8 Dec 15 Dec 22 Dec 29 Jan 5 Totals
DS: 630,859 725,740 902,172 410,014 207,255 2,876,040
Wii: 261,643 173,798 725,740 289,079 188,589 1,638,849
X360: 282,001 337,538 384,290 180,900 104,427 1,289,156
PSP: 214,208 251,689 277,965 140,154 76,869 960,885
PS2: 194,185 253,824 289,279 141,134 73,342 951,764
PS3: 163,222 194,214 228,579 119,483 69,298 774,796

Top Ten Software Totals for Five-Week December:

Title Platform Sales
1 Super Mario Galaxy Wii 1,053,881
2 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock PS2 777,950
3 Wii Play Wii 670,593
4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 360 567,201
5 Assassin's Creed 360 465,497
6 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Wii 464,197
7 Mass Effect 360 406,834
8 Rockband 360 399,516
9 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Wii 394,430
10 Halo 3 360 384,836

Expect NPD USA sales to be about 5-10% lower for most platforms, as Vgchartz includes Canada and a few other tiny markets in the Americas data

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nicholascage243988d ago

I expect 1.4m xbox 360s and around 900 000 PS3s in US alone for december.

I think Vgchartz might have underestimated both PS3 and X360 sales for december.

MailMan3988d ago

Yooohoo,Xbots!Put down that Fire Extinguisher for a sec!These numbers are ONLY for the console sales in AMERICA,and are NOT an indication of what the actual consoles did in the entire WORLD during the month of December.

Worldwide sales are an ENTIRELY different picture,and in that picture,Sony and Nintendo are HAPPILY holding hands while Microsoft is all ALONE in LAST place.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

ukilnme3988d ago

@ MailMan

Neither rain, sleet or snow will prevent you from sucking Sony's Ballz. I hope you get bit by a dog on your next delivery.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

Mr Marbles3988d ago

Ukilnme, that was good, very funny bubble for you.

Relcom3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

If you compare them, its almost laughable.

kevoncox3988d ago

Come on man you can't be serious.

Face it your beloved system was out sold this holiday again. I know it pains you. Right now the ps3 and the 360 are running neck and neck in the world. The 100K differnece here is evening out being out sold by appx 50k in Europe and 45K in Jpn. Fanboys forget this.

Relcom3988d ago

Calling me a fanboy just proves your (very) limited knowledge.

kevoncox3988d ago

No i have read all of your pro sony post. Yuck man... just yuck

Cyrus3653988d ago

well find out soon enough how off VGCharts are, but gotta hand it to them, there not shying away from the comparison.

As well NPD numbers aren't accurate either, they don't have Walmart numbers included which is huge for Video game #.

nicholascage243988d ago

Vgchartz is sometimes dead right eg PS3's UK numbers.

they are off by 20 000 units. However the French LTD is off by 150 000 units.

so in some cases Vgchartz have been very accurate

lawman11083988d ago

Walmarts numbers are not in there (Walmart is American and will only go towards the 360) Wawwawawawawa....give the Sony babies a bottle

Lucreto3988d ago

US 360 sells the most (surprise surprise)

Rest of the world PS3 sells the most.

Pity NPD don't do worldwide sales and have to use VGcharts numbers to compare.

Cyrus3653988d ago

WEll that depends if you count Wii in this comparison, then it doesn't hold true obviously.

Or any other consoles like DS, PSP, etc.

But Between the 2, sure currently it's looking that way.

heyheyhey3988d ago

yeah too true, we need an accurate WW sales chart to see whats going on- VG is ok, but they can sometimes be way off and other times pretty accurate so you never know

Snukadaman3988d ago

European charts only show the levels of the games and systems.....its not as detailed as npd.

TUFFnNYC3988d ago

Its good to see that both consoles are alive and well. Competition brings out the best in both platforms. However, i wonder what many xbots are thinking right now that ps3 is still selling. Hence the word still. VgCharts and NPD are all estimates and i dont think no one can really depend on them. The only people who know for sure are Sony and M$. And that damn Wii. That shyt annoys me everytime i see these numbers.

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The story is too old to be commented.