Dark Scavenger Review: The carrion crow of video games (Nightmare Mode)

Tom Auxier talks about the mixed success of the indie game Dark Scavenger and its ambitious attempt to do turn-based combat, RPG decision making, and ludicrous comedy all at once.

"At its heart Dark Scavenger resembles one of its titular characters: it has traveled the galaxy, collected discarded scraps of gameplay, and fashioned them together into a functional, if a little ambiguous, title. It takes the adventure game’s hidden object credo, Mass Effect’s faux choices, and the JRPGs turn-based combat system and taped them together with a crafting mechanic. You, as an unnamed protagonist, explore static screens filled with hidden objects. Click on one, and you’ll be given a choice that’s not really a choice: do something stupid, or make one of your allies do it. Do you want to drink this strange, bleachy substance, or do you make Zeus the Thunder God do it?"

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