PSU Roundtable: CES 2008 Afterthoughts

PSU Writes:

"Taking place in America's Playground, Las Vegas, CES presented the opportunity for geeks from around the globe to gather around in awe over the latest and greatest in electronics. Everything from high def televisions, cameras, video recorders, car tech, music & sound tech, mobile devices, videogames and so on. CES had it all for four days.

From a videogame standpoint, the event was pretty small but that did not stop Sony from making a huge showing in relation to the PlayStation brand. Now that the show is over, a few members from the PlayStation Universe staff: Dave, Danny, Sarad, and Justin have all discussed their opinions on the show. How did Sony fare? What were their hits and misses? It is all discussed in PSU's first roundtable of the year."

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