Eurogamer: Max Payne 3 Review

What it has in abundance, though, is expensive-looking environments for Max to dive around in and then talk to himself, and that's just about enough to keep you going for as long as it takes to settle the score. All the same, you can't escape the feeling that Rockstar just isn't as good at a pure third-person shooter as it is with the open worlds of Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption, and in this linear context it's much harder to put up with its usual missteps in mechanics and difficulty.

Max the man emerges with credit from Max Payne 3, then, but time hasn't been kind to the ropier elements of the game he stars in.

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hennessey862135d ago

what score anyone gives this game, I have waited a long time for max payne 3. I have been playing number 2 curtosey of ps+

OmegaSaiyanX2135d ago

Max Payne 2 was terrible, 6hrs long max and just terrible throughout. Its a shame developers are unable to make games better than their first ones as Max Payne 1 is still to this day truely awesome.

LOGICWINS2135d ago

Playing it now. Never in my life have I disagreed more with review scores. I'm currently in Chapter 2 and I can say that Max Payne 3 is the most rewarding action game I've ever played. The game is much more challenging than I expected. The joy u get when u finally win a gunfight that uve repeated over and over again is unparalled to anything I've ever felt this generation. The gamr is so good that I'm only playing two chapters a day so that the story lasts me a while.

seanpitt232135d ago

Joke review this game is a 9 at least

JokesOnYou2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

No, the review made some great points, I can see why its a 7 for some and a 9 for others, its flawed with nothing really new added to the series but the story kicks ass and the action is intense, so for me GameInformer nailed it with a 9.25 because story is great and it has action packed gameplay that works very well, which is definitely what I favor in a game, still I can see why some may downgrade it for not introducing enough new gameplay mechanics. People need to learn not to take reviews so personal, if everybody thought the same way what good what any review be? As long as I don't get the feeling the reviewer has fanboy goggles on I love to hear a different point of view whether I agree or not.

Sizzon2135d ago

No surprise this is coming from Eurogamer, I like some of their reviews on games, and I'm not saying 7 is a bad score. They are just maybe a bit harsh on great games unlike other review sites.

neutralgamer192135d ago

Trust me i have tge game. The mp is mediocre with stiff controls, bs cover system and poor graphics. Just based off that this game does not deserve anything higher than a 7.

pandaboy2135d ago

Finally an honest review, I'm so sick of these big names games getting a free pass. I have already been conned twice recently by review sites and their leniency in handing out 9s and 10s, it happened with deus ex hr and mass effect 3 and they were both terrible games.

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