Crysis Patch Doubles Framerates, Remains Unplayable

Kotaku reports that Crysis' 1.1 firmware patch was touted to improve framerates across the board, but after TechSpot ran the benchmarks, they've found the update to be a pretty large disappointment...except in the highest end. You know what we're talking about, that 1920x1200 setting that was melting computers and stuff. ATI Crossfire setups saw their framerates nearly double in this range-an amazing feat, until you realize...even after such improvements, not one tested setup is breaking the 30fps playable threshold.

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Cyrus3653906d ago

I wonder what kind of tech you need to get this game going at 60 frames or in the high 40-50's.

xsteinbachx3906d ago

something that is either in development or soon to be.

Cyrus3653906d ago

I wonder what kind of gaming/pc rigs that Developer themselves used, and how much it cost.

Gondee3906d ago

I have the game, and i run it on a 8800GTX OC with 4 gigs of ram. and a 3.4 Ghz dual core. The game is completly playable. I play it all the time. im alwas getting above 15 FPS. and that is completly playable.

the weird thing about this patch is that i made i smoother. So while 15-25 may seem low. The way it feels now is perfect. and i have no problem with it.

30 FPS and under is unplayable. does that mean TV is unwatchable to?

Cyrus3653906d ago


I think the site is being sarcastic, saying it's not playable. But meaning to most people who have an okay comp, can't play it.

dantesparda3906d ago

The thing that people need to understand is that while 30fps is more than fine for a console (like the 360 or the PS3, which is what 90% of their games run at). 30 fps for computers is considered boderline unacceptable. Those guys want a 100+ frames out of their rigs. I say 60 fps without dropping below that is perfect (smooth as silk) or 30fps with motion blur is good too

Cyrus3653906d ago

Agree'd 1.5, which menas you need like 1000+ Graphic card to get it up there, or something lol.

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zonetrooper53906d ago

Hopefully when I build my new PC in Summer there will be good enough graphics card etc to handle it well. Gonna get a Quad core processor though.

Genki3906d ago

By then hardware is sure to be able to play it.

Eamon3906d ago

If you want to play Crysis smoothly you need to spend at least a grand one a powerful PC.

ElfShotTheFood3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

They're playing one of the most graphically-demanding games out there at super-high resolutions and are getting bad frame-rates? Stop the presses!

Instead of whining about how poorly the game runs at 1680x1050 and 1900x1200, why not try turning down the resolution a bit?

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