Bungie hints next Halo 3 map pack

Computerandvideogames reports that Bungie has dropped fresh hints on what we can expect in the next Halo 3 map pack.

As for the next slice of DLC, Bungie says it'll reveal the new maps "once they are ready for the general public to see," and that ultimately "it's up to Microsoft how that information is disseminated."

One level though, codenamed "Moon Base Alpha", looks likely to be included in the second pack. It's definitely being worked on, says Bungie, and "It's received some new lighting and different switches to enable and disable access to various parts of the map.

"We're still playing it pretty often," says Bungie's website man. "It is a brutal map to play on, that may appeal to fans of Elongation, but is absolutely NOT a remake."

When asked if there'll be any maps with more water, Bungie gives an assertive "Absolutely." Excellent, because we can't stop staring at Halo 3's pretty liquid.

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Eamon3927d ago

I want Blood Gulch HD Remix .

Nuff Said .

wageslave3927d ago

My favorite map & match is Big Team Battle on Sandtrap.

undacovabrothe3927d ago

On their release dates list for 360 they have another map pack down sometime in 2nd quarter, forget which month think march or april.

Shroomy3927d ago

Can't wait for these new maps, the Heroric map pack was awesome but I wouldn't mind another huge map like Sandtrap!

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