Modern Warfare 3 Face-Off mode and free maps go live for Elite members

El33tonline writes:

"It's time to jump into a whole new way to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, with the release of the brand new Face-Off mode which pits two teams of two players each against one another in specially-designed arenas."

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ChunkyLover532202d ago

Free game modes and free maps, must explain the lack of negative and troll comments thus far.

dangert122201d ago

don't understand what is meant by free maps go live for elite members...I read it as free maps go live for paying members

ChunkyLover532201d ago

There are two free maps for everyone. Elite members get 2 maps in addition to the other 2 free maps.

StrawberryDiesel4202201d ago

Yea I agree, I seriously can't understand the hate this franchise garnishes, or any franchise for that matter. It's silly really.

neutralgamer192201d ago

Yeah its silly they rape you for your money, yet give you nothing new in return except a change of venue lol Copy and paste levels, few new killstreaks and same okd game engine. Then in order to get full game experience you have to get elite service which has been riddled with issues since release yet you oay extea for. Oh but wait your getting free maps lol really free i thought you pais for tge crappy service. I feel sorry for the little kids that dont understand exactly why ppl critizice thia bs franchise. Luckily i opted out after black ops.

Siren302201d ago

I feel sorry for the dumbasses who hate cod yet still comment on every article about it just to say the same damn thing over and over. Go play something else