Why can't retailers keep a decent game section?

How much are these retailers getting paid to poorly implement the marketing for Sony, MS, and Nintendo? Does anyone have a local discount retailer that has a fully-functioning game demo area? A Sarcastic Gamer reader sent in an embarrassing photo of the RRoD on the demo unit at his local Target store, prompting the author to ask a question that's been on the minds of gamers for some time.

From the article: "It seems to me that MS, Nintendo, and Sony ought to be out there ensuring that their products are being shown in a manner that's consistent with the image they want to portray. They're paying BIG MONEY for placement in these stores, and while that's a lot to keep up with, its obvious that things aren't getting implemented correctly."

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Hagaf223867d ago

its because no one bought the ps3 controllers on the 360 set up...

hotshot1273867d ago

i walked into walmart and the 360 was having one of its "MOMENTS"

and when i went there 2 days later, they still didnt move it.

travelguy2k3867d ago

Its just that the one the replaced it with screwed up also.

MailMan3867d ago

NOT the Retailers.

Xbots trying to SPIN another Micro$oft failure,doesn't surprise me considering the Xbox 360 has been in LAST PLACE in EVERYTHING since KWANZAA.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

LGFreedom3867d ago

Hey dumbass, the article doesn't say that it's the store's fault, it criticizes the store for not replacing it.

Jdash243867d ago

my walmart doesnt even bother to turn on the demo consoles, last 5 times i went in there the 360 and ps2 were off

JSA-Gamer3867d ago

PS3 was frozen at some sort of computer-looking screen. Fatal error or something like that.... It was wierd. Stayed like that for a few days then it got turned off and has stayed that way for 2 months now, THROUGH the holiday shopping season. how ridiculous is that.

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The story is too old to be commented.