Dynasty Warriors 6: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Comparison

Who will dominate this raging battlefield?

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MK_Red3962d ago

Well, in my eyes both versions look terrible. Seriously, N3 looked a million times better and was way more innovative. Of course, N3 didn't sell and critics killed because they found it non-innovative and repetitive. But when it comes to DW6, not only the lack of innovation and being badly repetitve and shallow doesn't hurt and game gets 7s and 8s... talk about bias.

poos33962d ago

DAMN WHEN will japanese devs get into this gen all their games I REPEAT ALL japanese game devs except TEAM NINja LOOK like garbage last gen game in this

The Killer3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

the colors of the ps3 is like a bit whitey or washed out, but we all know this is because of the wrong settings like they did with Assassin's Creed!


i was talking about the graphics and settings not framerate and other issues, i wont argue which version is better but i said about the colors of the screen. and i think the settings of ps3 is not set to the best!!

GUNS N SWORDS3962d ago

but what about the 4 other people who made there 360 vs ps3 comparisons.

they were just contrast problems as well.

also ign, GameTrailers, Eurogamer, and gamersyde states in there articles that assassins creed for ps3 had more than just contrast problems it had frame rate problems.

While the 360 game drops the odd frame here and there, by and large it's refreshing at a steady 30fps. Not so with PS3 where even the most basic action on-screen sends the refresh rate tumbling dramatically.

The word is beautiful except for the pop-in and troublesome framerate issues. The animations are top-notch, but tough to enjoy with slowdown.

Since some people have claimed that the retail PS3 version ran far better than the review one, I went and bought it to make sure I didn't unfairly compare both versions. So I've done another comparison video, and you'll notice that the end result is still the same.


InMyOpinion3962d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

^^^ How come Sony's did not make the best settings on the PS3 default. Sounds stupid to me.

Mass Effect looks much better with the grain filter turned off, haven't seen any articles/reviewers commenting on that.

GUNS N SWORDS3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

mass effect looks better with film grain off, plus the intro slows down quite a few times with it on.

no one will comment on it be cause it's optional from the start which is a great thing.

Kleptic3961d ago

PooS3...what are you talking about?

FFX and XII, as well as MGS2 and MGS3 were by far some of the best looking games of last generation at their respective release well as NG/B...

and MGS4 and FFXIII are shaping up to do the exact same thing this generation...

but DW6...if its true that the PS3 version has a cruddy framerate...yaayyy...the 360 gets yet another superior version of a crap game...the game looks like dump on both systems...

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niall773962d ago

I never understand why they dont.

n_n3962d ago

RGB Full does wonders for the contrast... like night and day

General Pinky3962d ago

Just say it...the PS3 version looks like sh**
Come on...Sony did it again...lying to you man. First with PS3 graphics and then Kill Zone in E3 2005 and lets not forget the games (which is the most important thing)

Plz just say it...then i will say 360 got a hardware problem....ROD

SlappyMcTaint3962d ago

..General pinky out of your a$$. This comparison looks identical -only the PS3 is washed out because GT is too retarded to turn RGB Full on.

Go away you pathetic xbot -keep suckling on M$'s t1tty.. keep drinking the kool-aid, lemming.

Daytona3962d ago

C'mon, you know that's not it, also the game sucks period but still most ps3 games suck unless there done over a period of years like your few decent games have been.

I'm not bashing the ps3, it's just the same ya know you have to use all the features of cell to get a decent game.

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SeanScythe3962d ago

another case of them not turning on Full for the RGB setting on the ps3. We've already seen the differance it makes on AC. So unless they say this is turned on then the color contrast can't be a deciding factor anymore.

MK_Red3962d ago

Sure it does a lot of difference but does it matter here in video of a ugly looking game like DW6? Seriously, some Wii games look better than this. The only good thing here IMO is that DW6 looks better than horribly ugly Bladestorm.

Sevir043962d ago

it's as i've said, koei has lost it's handle on gaming all together. the crap they've been spewing out left right and center on both platform is eveident. DW Gundam, fatal inertia, Bladestorm, and the rehash year after year Dynasty warriors one with "next gen graphics" they seriously need to just turn over and just die, They suck... better yet they should stick to releasing there games in japan only. cause only japan likes those games...

abuze3962d ago

O.K. THATS IT! Stupid comparison. It seems like every gametrailer comparison, PS3 version is always the worst... But on my PS3 and my HDTV and every game I put on my system, they never look blurry or washed out like gametrailer's PS3 -vs- 360 videos. If any of my games looked like all those bad PS3 videos, I would Not be playing them right now... Stuped, stupid Gametrailers...

davez823962d ago

it looks exactly the same, hell even if this game was on the wii it would still look the same, the graphics are just not that impressive.

MK_Red3962d ago

Finally, thougth I was the only that felt DW6 graphics look Wii-ish and not PS3/360 worthy.

Lotto3962d ago

The game isnt about GFX if you compare DW2 and DW5 Then DW5 will only look a bit better. Its not a next gen game and its not trying to be it

Relcom3962d ago

I cant tell the difference. Seriously guys if you want innovation quit buying it and send a message to the devs. I bought 2 Dynasty warriors 3 and 4. After i got 4 i quickly realized That they just switched names of people and added more characters.

Don't support mediocrity, and repetitive gameplay. Its a step back instead of a step forward.

Lotto3962d ago

I got all DW games except for the first one which was a fighting game for the PS1. Why the hate ? PPL should know that nothing changes in these games.KOEI dont promise innovative of any kind they dont say sh!t about good GFX but the games still sell farly well so some PPL must like the games and im one of those. If you dont like the game because its repetitive or whatever dont buy it

titntin3962d ago

People on this site have no idea at all do they? For once the gameplay in this title IS varied from its predecessors. Lets take a quote:

This installment varies greatly from past games in the series. The player is able to make their character swim, climb, control rowboats, destroy walls, and pull off "unlimited combos" with the use of the new "renbu" system.

None of this will matter a jot if you've never liked the game, but there are many thousands who do who will thouroughly enjoy it.