Looking back at Dragon Age 2: Was it really that bad?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "in anticipation of E3 and all the Dragon Age III news that we can probably expect, let’s have a look back at Dragon Age II. Specifically, was it really that bad? I don’t think so. While it was very different to Dragon Age: Origins, and clearly made quickly, it in itself was not a bad little RPG."

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RankFTW1982d ago

Well it wasn't all bad, I especially liked that cave.

Flatbattery1982d ago

Still on the fence about taking the plunge on this one, the community have expressed their dislike of it which puts you off instantly and I wasn't sold on the demo. But, for some reason a part of me wants to give it a go.

Nerdmaster1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Yes, it was. I started it 5 times, each time promising to myself "I will give this game one more chance and I'll try to finish it, people praise the character interation and whatnot, so it must get good at one point". But as hard as I tried, I couldn't. Removed from my PC these days. It's that bad.

vikingland11982d ago

I really liked going to the same area over and over and over again. Yeah that was a blast. C'mon that game was rushed.

TopDudeMan1982d ago

It did a lot of good things, but the little things brought it down.

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The story is too old to be commented.