New Unreal Tournament 3 Mods Video

Gamersyde's friend DjMizuhara keeps doing some great work and sent them this nice video of Unreal Tournament 3 showing a few mods in action on the PS3. It sure opens up the consoles FPS experience a lot!

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Violater3866d ago

Its Hot Hot Hot.
Especially on the bigger better looking levels.

gamesR4fun3866d ago

ya you cant lose with ut3!

cant wait till they fix the weapon and character mods.

Vulcan Raven3866d ago

I love the mutant game type. The curse5 and the park level are pretty awesome aswell.

Zuhk3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

If you think this is neat just wait until they unleash UT3 on the X360,it will be far superior to the watered down version of the PoS3's. Just you wait.

SmokeyMcBear3866d ago

awwww zhucky is just mad cuz he's been playing the same crap over and over again, with nothing to look forward to.. just hope you actually get to have mods with the 360 version, here's to your bleak future

Kyur4ThePain3866d ago

A 360 fanatic said "just wait". LOL

AceLuby3866d ago

Zhuk said 'Just Wait' about a 360 game? Ironic... I think so.

Just pray that mods will be available, because as of now you are SOL. Have fun w/ that...

mullet3866d ago

The 360 version doesn't have mod support so it's basically useless. If you want a watered down port just buy the 360 version. It will ship with less maps, no mod / keyboard + mouse support.

PlayStation3603866d ago

Uhh, just so my brothers know. This dude is Zuhk, not Zhuk. Just thought I should point that out :P

djroberts3866d ago

The 360 may lack open mod support which is what's best about the game.

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Jamegohanssj53866d ago

Are you talking about the version of you UT3 you all will get in 2010 when we are getting UT4? Go play in traffic.

Zuhk3866d ago

It is going to be released no later than Q2 2009. By then they will have added more extras than you could possibly want.

AceLuby3866d ago

Extras you'll have to buy from M$ while we enjoy free online w/ free user created mods. Have fun w/ that, what, a year from now.

Kyur4ThePain3866d ago

What drew you to this article? The "Playstation 3" tag or the "PC" tag?

Zuhk3866d ago

for a reliable service than get a free service that may not be running properly or get shotty performance from.

SmokeyMcBear3866d ago

oh you mean the crappy/shotty service xbox live has been giving since the middle of december... you get what you pay for.. right

Chad Warden3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

By then, the PS3 version will have over 1,000 mods to choose from while the 360 will still have zero. The 360 version doesn't support mods. And WTF is UT without mods? Just another shooter. Such a pointless port. This is BEYOND watered down. And WTF does Capcom have to do with UT3 you moron? It's an EPIC game.

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The story is too old to be commented.