To trophy or not to trophy?

Hi everyone. It’s Missy here from @hopegaming and I have been a prolific gamer since the age of 9 when I started out on my Amiga 600. Oh yes, those were the days of pixelated goodness and it would make me older than I look (31) I had a particular fondness to racing, adventure and puzzle games.

There was limited multiplayer back in the day and I had to complete objectives on my own often with limited lives, save points and achievements. It was simply the thrill of playing the game and repeatedly doing so until you mastered a level or a race.

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jessupj2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I'm pretty much the same.

I play a game normally than go back and get all the trophies. At most I will scan over the list before I start and if I see a trophy like "get 200 melee kills", I will put an emphasis on taking the extra risk to get a few more melee kills per round.

Unfortunately, I also don't usually go back to a game, even a really good one, after I have the plat. But I love the joy and going the extra mile to obtain those 'hard to obtain' trophies, and I love plating a hard game.

So trophies have simultaneously elevated and ruined my favorite hobby.

I hate that I love trophies...

Wintersun6162252d ago

I never even check the trophy list until I've completed the game at least once. Then if I enjoyed the game enough, I'll go for all/most/some trophies. There are some trophies I will give up on and not even try to get, most of them are "Reach level 500000 in MP" etc. I don't usually play MP at all and I hate repetitive grinding. Also if I don't like the game, I'll leave the trophies too.

Also unlike you I often go back to good games even if I have the platinum or they don't have any trophies.

Garrison2252d ago

I like getting trophies in a game. Usually I try to get platinum on a game if I absolutely love the game but I wouldn't play a bad game because it has trophies, or when trophies are just "grind here till you get 10,000 kills" I say hell no. I have too many great games to play to stick to one game for that long.

Tornadobounce2252d ago

So game devs take note: never listen to a girls opinion when making the story part of your game ; )

radewagon2252d ago

My argument against trophies:
Before trophies, most devs liked to put secrets or unlockables at the end of games to enhance replay value. A lot of devs seem to think that adding trophies does just as good a job of extending replay and have thus stopped taking the time to put in secrets or unlockables. Peoples' love for trophies has cheated them out of more varied replay and better value.