Diablo 3 Servers Experiencing Problems

Diablo 3 literally just launched not thirty minutes ago and already it seems the servers are having trouble accommodating people.

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Hufandpuf1956d ago

I can't believe game companies don't anticipate this. They knew MILLIONS of people would want to play it on launch yet the underestimate them again.

jmobley1956d ago

I totally agree with you. I defended them initially saying that they have the resources for this, but it seems like they didn't.

brish1956d ago

... and this is why there should have been an offline mode.

Trenta271956d ago

Exactly! They couldn't even put a damn queue in. Way to go, Blizzard. Way to freakin go...

jmobley1956d ago

I'm updating the story as I go. But there is still no ETA :/ I waited 12 years to wait.

Azurite1956d ago

They actually did anticipate this and informed us this would likely happen.
Just don't remember where they announced it.

Trenta271956d ago

Yes, but why not turn on a TON of servers? They knew exactly how many people were going to log in from preorder sales.

They did anticipate this and did nothing about it.

Soldierone1956d ago

It's because it's launch. Everyone is jumping on, but given a few days less people will be on at all times like this. If they buy more servers, those servers will go to waste when things calm down.

The only thing I don't understand is why not take a few servers from WoW for a few days....

fermcr1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Not surprised. I knew this was going to happen, that's why i didn't purchase it. During the free beta weekend i had a few login errors. Permanent online to play single player is a joke. Get this when it's cheaper and fixed.

For now... Max Payne 3. Can't wait for Torchlight 2.

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MHenderson1956d ago

I think this wouldn't be such a problem if not for the required log-in for single player. They're losing a lot of faith for that.

This is exactly why the whole required persistent online connection thing is a bad idea!

Mikeyy1956d ago

You all were just to slow.

At 3:01 I was able to log in, create my first charactor, and play up to level 5 just fine. Only thing stopping me is I have to goto bed now.

voice_of_ reason1956d ago

You're so cool, man. And I was wondering to myself, while reading you're cool story, "What is stopping this badass from being a level 6!?!" Thankfully, you're so cool, you provided a great conclusion. Thanks.

NeoTribe1956d ago

Lol ur comment made my night.

floetry1011956d ago

The first boss is tough as hell. Anyone beaten Error 37 yet? Dude is continuously turning me down.

voice_of_ reason1956d ago

lol a foreshadow of what's to come.

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The story is too old to be commented.