IGN: Game of Thrones Review

IGN: While Game of Thrones boasts some expertly crafted story beats, complete with moments that will enthrall and shock you, the monotone delivery from poorly voiced characters, constant bugs you’ll wrestle against, and muddy textures that plague the majority of the game will make most not continue through to the end.

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Drazz2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Holy S***! dodged a bullet by not pre-ordering this. ( I almost pre-ordered this along side Max Payne) I'll be picking this up when the price plummets. I will not pay more than $15 bux for this after watching the video review..

dubt722227d ago

Licensed crap strikes again

Ser2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

It's been in development since before the show was even conceived. Although, it doesn't look like it was in development for six years as the devs say...

Drazz2227d ago

Jeez, this game looks so bad, I hope it doesn't hurt the I.P.

Raider692227d ago

I know the game was crap since i saw the horrible videos of the PC version,months back!What i didnt understand was all the hype some people try to bring to this crap game!It was a turd even before it born.

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