8bitfix Review - Starhawk

In 2007 Incognito Entertainment gave us the cult classic PS3 title Warhawk. Without a story mode, the game was a bit of an oddity, but 32-player battles over PlayStation Network, an array of vehicles, and a dedicated following urged the production of a sequel. Five years later LightBox Interactive gives us "Warhawk in space" with Starhawk. Starhawk keeps the 32-player battles and vehicular combat aspect but revamps everything through the use of the new "Build and Battle" system. Now as a wrench turning, outcast hybrid gun-for-hire players can put the "final frontier" at their fingertips! -WildCardCorsair

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NastyLeftHook02137d ago

the greatest space shooter ever made in my opinion.

ddurand12137d ago

just bought the game yesterday and im still getting the hang of it.

it is chaotic and well put together though. now if only my friends could buy the game!

MrDead2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I would love a jetpack only battle where you can reenact the Moonraker astronaut fight.

Cheesy but fun.

Adolph Fitler2136d ago

Too low, deserves a 9.5 at least....Also, jetpacks should stay in Warhawk...Starhawk is best when jetpacks aren't involved. I would rather they add some kind of 2-3 man futuristic chopper.

wildcardcorsair2136d ago

hahah, well there were some flaws, so i decided to stay away from 9.5 but the fun factor certainly warrants a great score, thats for sure.

your chopper idea is very good as well, its unlikely to add something so major after the fact but perhaps in a single player dlc? you can always tweet @dylanjobe hes pretty good at replying to the more unique suggestion/comments he gets.

Myst2136d ago

Fun game and wish I was at home playing it. Though thankfully I get home tomorrow and will be able to play!

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