PC Zombie Darling Causes Sale Explosion, ArmA Devs Happy to Help

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett writes, "Diablo III may have all the marketing and hype as far as the PC market is concerned, but I'll be damned if anything, Blizzard-developed or not, is going to keep me from playing more DayZ this week. Yet in the past few weeks more newcomers have been exposed to ArmA II in a short span of time than ever before, all because the game's ruthless approach to realism and survival now includes zombies. To find out how the mod has impacted the game, and how they're handling the overnight renaissance in awareness, I spoke with Bohemia Interactive's Marek Španěl."

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Snookies122287d ago

I think it's great that a mod can cause a game that I don't think a whole lot of people knew about to rocket up to widespread awareness.

I know I was tempted to buy Arma II after seeing this mod. I didn't even know the game existed until this mod though to be honest. o_o

Hufandpuf2287d ago

"I didn't even know the game existed until this mod though to be honest."

You serious?

Snookies122287d ago

Yes I'm serious, is it that well known?

rohsik2287d ago

My god!! this game came out in 2010!! It was all over N4G that time.

Somebody2287d ago

Good for them. The constant threat of betrayal in a zombie infested region with a tiny sliver of kindness among potential friends intrigue me very much.

Ninjamonkey822287d ago

Got Arrowhead installed this morning just moving onto getting the Dayz mod now ;).

SleazyChimp2287d ago

Just add zombies! Its latest craze that never seems to get old. It does look like the mod needs some serious work though. If they can button down all the hatches and get this mod silky smooth for maybe ARMA III, they could have a bad ass game on their hands.