The Wait For The Last Guardian

Jim Reilly writes: " I asked Sony PR if there were any plans to show the game off at E3 next month. "The Last Guardian continues to be developed, however we have no news to share at this time with regard to the franchise and E3," a spokesperson told me."

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aviator1891926d ago

It's been so long... :'(
I just want to get my hands on it already!

Dante1121926d ago

Same, hopefully it'll release sometime in 2013.

crxss1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

tsk tsk... I can't believe this is news worthy

Freak of Nature1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I get this feeling it is being held back for PS4. And it's starting to look like they may even wait a year into the Ps4's life (2014 fall) to release, to allow for a larger user base, along with more dev time.
The good news is it will be even better in all aspects. The bad news is more waiting time.

In the Febuary Game informer I recall reading that there have been technical issues and the engineering team is reworking it. It is playable.

Perhaps they are not showing anything due to it being PS4 now? Or my hopes are they come out with a major event full of news at this E3?

As high on my up-coming list as any game, it's almost torture waiting for this beauty.

Muerte24941926d ago

a ps3 title. I'll say it again, this gen life cycle will last longer then most people think. Given the current shape the the economy and the vast amount of studios that are closing, new systems maybe ways off.

irepbtown1925d ago

I dont care how long they take, because from the looks of things they want it to be perfect.

Now I dont call alot of games perfect, but I have a feeling this one will be.

kewlkat0071925d ago

"Now I dont call alot of games perfect, but I have a feeling this one will be. "


SilentNegotiator1924d ago

I can wait if it means that it is as brilliant as some of their previous titles.

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iamtehpwn1926d ago

No Last Gaurdian and No Versus XIII.

It's hard to believe there are games that have been there since the Dawn of the generation that still aren't finished.

Hisiru1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Last Guardian looks like a massive game full of details and a very rich world/characters. I can understand why its taking so long, but I really want to see more about this game and Last of Us

ReservoirDog3161925d ago

Well technically speaking, they could be lying. Remember Valve and the PS3 conference for Portal 2 or Jaffe with Twisted Metal and his outright denial of even going to E3?

I don't get why people believe anything around E3 time.

pixelsword1925d ago

@ tehpwn:

Yeah, but it's not like this is the only gen that had titles like this; most of those tend to skip gens (Too Human, DNIII, Half Life, etc.).

lsujester1925d ago

I hope I'm wrong, but it's looking to me like the short clip they originally showed was the only part of the game they had actually made.

Sort of like when Sony claimed they had been working on Home for a long time, then a year later it released with only a couple of areas.

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andibandit1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

yeah it's been too long now, i really want the adventure of mini boy and chicken dog now :(

kreate1926d ago


words are cheap... i want action!!

Denethor_II1926d ago

I'm honestly bored now, the same with versus.

ritsuka6661926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

No game is worth waiting a amount of years for no matter how good it is. it's becoming a joke Sony, they probably work on the game for a month take a year break and then work on it for another month.

Ck1x1925d ago

Well i think Zelda TOoT was a very long developed game and it was one of the highest rated games during that timeframe. So this could turn out to be a major Ps3 final swan song of this generation!

showtimefolks1925d ago

i think this game will be released in q2 2013, when sony sent some of its top people to help with development you know its gonna be done.

hopefully in 2012 but if not 2013 for sure day one buy either way

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Sevir1926d ago

Its still in developement! I'm gonna be patient!

nCoGn33t01926d ago

Please...don't try that "it was only announced 'X' years ago" crap. Team Ico was one of the first to get their hands on the PS3 dev kits, and early info was "leaked" about the game around the same time the PS3 launched in '06. They've actually managed to make Polyphony Digital look like speed-devs.

gaden_malak1926d ago

That doesn't mean that they've been working on it since they got the dev kit.

Sevir1926d ago

And for us That was when we knew of its exsistence. RockStar games take even longer! at least this isn't Square with FFv13... >_>

nCoGn33t01926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I thought is was obvious, but I'll play along...

My point is, there's no reason to give them a free pass, for completely ignoring their fans for this long, with little-to-no news along the way. Japanese devs in general have an arrogance about them...much like Sony tends to...and it's bitten many of them in the behind this gen. It wouldn't kill them to throw the fans a bone now and then, to save face.

AusRogo1926d ago

Who gives a fuck? This game will be awesome.

memots1925d ago

Ohh i get it another full of troll thread. I was wondering why a non news "article" was getting front page.

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Afterlife1926d ago

Sony: "The Last Guardian continues to be developed, however we have no news to share at this time with regard to the franchise and E3."

MidnytRain1926d ago

" news to share..."

"Hey, I think I'll submit this as a news story."

QuantumWake1926d ago

I have always had this weird feeling that this game might get canceled in the future. It's been so long since we've heard anything it feels like this game might get shoved under. Sort of like how I feel with Agent.

Hopefully they don't get canned. Can't wait to see more! :D

nCoGn33t01926d ago

At this point, they'd really be better off working on making this a kick-ass launch title for PS4, rather than a laaaaaate entry on PS3. By the time the game releases, the graphics/tech will seem a bit dated, otherwise.

Bathyj1926d ago

I disagree. What AAA titles on PS3 look dated on release? Even the announce trailer looks better than most games currently out and that was 09. Dont you think its improved since then?

Besides, I'm not concerned at all about how the game will look. I know it will be gorgeous. TLG was be an amazing Swan Song similar to GoW2 on PS2.