Blizzard not sure if 'Diablo III' will work on consoles

XMNR: Blizzard has made no secret that it has hired developers to work on porting Diablo III to the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 but an interview released on Monday where the game director says the studios is not sure the action-rpg will work on consoles.

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Snookies122232d ago

Uhh, you can always have the option of using mouse and keyboard on PS3. I don't know if that works for 360, but yeah... So there shouldn't be a problem there.

christheredhead2232d ago

Definitely. Or they could go the Torchlight route and use 2 sets of mappable buttons. Not sure if the whole auction house thing would work though. Probably not.

I dont have a gaming PC, so if they could offer me a consolized version of Diabolo 3 I would be totally cool with that.

Bigpappy2231d ago

This game will be on console. They know this, but do not want to people with consoles putting of getting the game now to wait on a console version. People are more likely to buy the game now the hype is high. So they would like to maximize the sales by keeping the console versions on a low profile.

Activision like money too much for this not to come to consoles.

There will be no PS3 version with out a 360 version, so those of you who try to hint at that should just quit it.

omi25p2231d ago

well blizzard will have to make it work on pc first.

rawrockkillz2231d ago

Also have to take into consideration they probably want to use and that might be hard to do. Especially on 360.

Anon19742231d ago

There are plenty of examples of how these types of games will work on consoles. Champions of Norrath, Baldur's Gate DA, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It's a hack and slash dungeon game. There's no reason this won't work on the consoles.

Snookies122231d ago

Seriously? What's with 4 disagrees? Are these people in denial that you can do this? It's actually a fact haha. XD

glennco2231d ago

the disagrees come from using a non standard peripheral only. it is an added expense to play the game if you don't have a k+m, which i don't. plus the inconvenience of using them for some people in the lounge room. if i want to use a keyboard and mouse i will game on PC.

the sales would basically be rubbish (and returns high) which is where the problem lies.

and seriously, who cares about disagrees from n4g commenters, i mean really?

Snookies122231d ago

@glennco - I get what you mean, but all I was saying was that it COULD be done. Not that it would be feasible for some people lol.

I don't mind the disagrees, it was more of a joking thing. I know you'll get at least 1 for anything you say on N4G regardless of what it is. :p

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Pinkamena_Diane_Pie2231d ago

If Activision has it way, and greed usually does, it'll come... in time, but it'll come.

Dark_Overlord2231d ago

I thought that although they joined, they both still acted as separate entities (I.e neither influenced the other)?

Flavor2231d ago

You make it sound like a bad thing.

Syko2231d ago

Is this before or after it, "DOESN'T WORK ON PC's EITHER!?!?"

theeg2231d ago

next gen maybe, add native support for kb/m on next gen consoles and support for custom mapping

StraightedgeSES2231d ago

Not sure how it would work on the 360 but the ps3 can use the move and the Wii U can use the touch screen controller

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