GamesBeat: Game of Thrones brings the pain…and not in a good way (review)

George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire universe has some advantages for a writer who wants to tell a new story there. For one, it has some elbow room. It’s detailed, it’s fleshed out, but not so much so as to leave no space for new ideas. Martin hasn’t filled up the sandbox to the point where trying to build something new would knock down what’s already there.

Telling a story is only part of making a game, and that’s where the Game of Thrones game falls down. This feels like a novella turned into a role-playing game against its will, which makes it tough to recommend, no matter how addicted to Ice and Fire a fan might be.

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Sadie21002136d ago

This is a really funny review.

MysticStrummer2136d ago

Ouch. Love the books and series, but I expected this to be bad. Doesn't matter anyway though because Dragon's Dogma is about to consume my life.

Ser2136d ago

Oof. Well, I'll be getting it anyway. I'd like to try it myself.

MAJ0R2136d ago

That sucks, it actually looked kind of cool and reminded me of Dragon Age: Origins.

digitalkid2136d ago

All cons are: too much talks, no action combat, no comparsion in shop. Not a word about unplayable, awful scenario or somethin like that. Did author liked DAO?

Well, have to see that anyway. 8)

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