3DS firmware 4.1.0-8U now available

The 3DS's firmware has just been updated to version 4.1.0-8U. You can download the update by going to the system's settings, and updating from there.

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Y_51502230d ago

Not downloading until I know what's about it.

360GamerFG2230d ago

Oh come on, it's not like firmwares remove features or anything like that. . .hehehe

YamiHoshi2230d ago

Actually, 3DS Update 2.0.x did remove the free video from 1.1.x, even though they did warn you for it.

browngamer412230d ago

One thing I've noticed and maybe it's just me,but my 3DS browser seems alot faster now.

Shnazzyone2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I checked and I canfirm it does seem to be going much faster now. Large images still don't lead and of course no flash... but those pages pop up quick and the page pop up when scrolling has been vastly reduced.

YamiHoshi2230d ago

Not only the U version is out, the J and E versions are out as well.

Fantastical2230d ago

Apparently it just updated parental controls.

synchroscheme2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

And with it comes the long-awaited MK7 patch.

Time to finally play the game without all the glitching.

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