Diablo III - Normal Difficulty - Koreans have completed the SP mode under 4-5 hours

DSOGaming writes: "And we have the first people we managed to complete the SP mode of Diablo III."

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Snookies122078d ago

Well of course, did anyone expect any different? Koreans are hardcore when it comes to games like these lol.

IcyEyes2077d ago

I and you can do the same ... just skip everything it's different from killing enemy, rush into the game and go to the end title.

guitarded772077d ago

Humans never cease to amaze me... they wait a decade for a game to come out and then blow through it and say "new game please". I prefer to savor my first play through of a game.

Syko2078d ago

Koreans Killed Mai Servas!?!

Captain Qwark 92077d ago

you must be the bubble god :O

xAlmostPro2077d ago


FinaLXiii2077d ago

multiple accounts got boosted his account probably lol

Syko2077d ago

Or He has been on N4G since 2006 and he is a staff member, Mod, and Site Admin over at TechSpy...

But he probably just boosted I imagine =)

iMpuTeD2077d ago

His response to you lmao. He is just a nerd is all

FinaLXiii2077d ago

@Syko you must be proud have a cookie.

MidnytRain2077d ago

Why doesn't anyone comment on the articles on TechSpy?

Laxman2077d ago

Or FilmWatch for that matter (well they get a few, but for it being the film industry and all, you'd expect a lot more).

kreate2077d ago

i think imdb kinda have that department covered.
i do go to techspy and anime shinbun from time to time.

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shackdaddy2078d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

First of all they're Koreans...

Secondly, they probably ran through the whole thing and didn't really "play" the game the way it was intended.

I'm not even done with the part from the beta because I'm taking my time to explore everything carefully. I want to enjoy the game and have it last for a long time.

john22077d ago

Yeah. Still though, it's impressive. Lets see now if someone can finish it under 3 hours

beerkeg2077d ago

Give them a prize. Go you crazy koreans, you may live life on a knife edge but your good at Diablo III.

Woo hoo.

Urrakia342077d ago

Technically I think anybody could do this if they just blow through the main story, but that's not how RPGs are meant to be played or what they're about.

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