Nintendo to offer Wii U cloud storage for save games and player profiles

According to a report obtained by Wii U Daily, Nintendo will be adding a cloud storage option to the Wii U.

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Akuma-2133d ago

This is amazing news and will be well received by gamers. I can't wait to see the positive and innovative changes that improves upon the last unveiled model of the wii u. I can't wait to see the launch games and features.

Hisiru2132d ago

It's good for gamers because now we can finally expect things like Trophies/Achievements and maybe some other features concerning the online profiles.

PopRocks3592132d ago

Weren't you saying how terrible Nintendo was about two articles ago?

Not that I disagree with your comment or anything, but I am curious as to where exactly you stand as far as your opinion of Nintendo goes.

shackdaddy2132d ago

Are you like bipolar or something Akuma?

Darth Stewie2132d ago

I hope its free because both 360 & PS3 charge for this feature.

Hisiru2132d ago

They do? Never had to pay for my profile information on PSN (trophies etc). If you want more space and save files, then you will need Playstation plus.

donman12132d ago

Yes it is free... It allows you to save your profile and game settings/saves in the cloud so you can take it and use it anywhere once you logon to a Wii U. As for the idiots complaining about the storage size... Fools, its just for profile and game setting saves. These features do not take up much space. 512mb is more than plenty.

Tachyon_Nova2132d ago

When did Steam add this? Sure, its good news, but Nintendo doesn't deserve praise for it.

phantomexe2132d ago

They don't deserve praise for adding a feature that gamers want and love? I'm more shocked that nintendo listened. They do deserve praise for listening and adding it.

legend9112132d ago

They deserve praise for making a good decision, so yes.

mike1up2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Is there a difference?

neutralgamer192132d ago

Wow their adding all the thngs current gen offers lol But yeah besides the sarcasm that is a good thing for ppl who will buy this.

Knushwood Butt2132d ago

Yeah, keep innovating Nintendo..

mike1up2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

It would be innovative if they offer the service for free.

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