What happened to all the movie tie-ins?

GamesAsylum explains why we're seeing fewer movie tie-ins these days.

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tigertron1988d ago

I guess people have cottoned on to the fact that the majority of movie tie in games suck.

nCoGn33t01988d ago

Why bother even asking the question? It's like asking "Where are all the natural disasters and biological plagues?".

will_c_751988d ago

I popped one in yesterday, well not really a tie-in but a spiritual successor, Stranglehold. The textures haven't held up well, but the game is a blast.

nCoGn33t01988d ago

That game was such a disappointment to me....just felt like a bad Max Payne clone.

will_c_751987d ago

I bought the CE brand new for five bucks, because I wanted the HD Hard Boiled, the game was an afterthought. Tried it out, and ended up playing it through, so it was a win-win for me.

deletingthis346753341987d ago

They suck. About time we are seeing less of these. Games are their own medium, there is no need to water them down to crappy inferior movies. It is the same thing with game movies.

PerpetualMathx101987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

very good article! i was just talking about this a few weeks ago, the next hurtle is the shovel ware of motion control games and publishers pushing out games so often that are so similar to other games in the market that they never get to latch on with a community making them a waste of time in the big gaming picture.