Judge issues preliminary injunction barring Motorola from blocking Xbox, Windows sales in Germany

The Seattle Times writes: A federal judge in Seattle who last month temporarily prohibited Motorola from enforcing any injunction against the sales of Microsoft products in Germany has converted that temporary restraining order into a preliminary injunction.

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GamingPerson2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

now the casual market will grow more.. Kinect 4 everyone! :(

omi25p2103d ago

Can i borrow your crystal ball so i can see the future.

barb_wire2104d ago

Didn't realize an U.S. Federal Judge could rule on the case in Germany.. He can rule on Motorola's claim here in the U.S., yes.. but Germany.. No.

killerhog2104d ago

Was going to say the exact samething lol.

coolbeans2104d ago

Since this whole ordeal of Motorola and Microsoft coming to an agreement is happening in the US, I'm fairly sure that means the Federal court can file these types of injunctions for any global cases.

360GamerFG2104d ago

Just cause you don't know something doesn't mean it can't be real.

blue7_72104d ago

Pretty much what coolbeans said I knew it was never going to happen just like Motorola couldn't ban the Iphone in germany as well. They won at first but then they lost so I expect the same against microsoft.

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GraveLord2104d ago

"Based on the evidence before it, the court finds that Microsoft has shown that a German injunction enjoining the sale of Microsoft Software and the Microsoft Xbox in the country of Germany will result [in] irreparable harm. Microsoft has provided this court with convincing evidence that it will lose market share, which will be difficult to regain, and suffer harm to its business reputation."

Isn't that the whole point? For Microsoft to pay for their "sins"? Losing marketshare seems like the perfect punishment.

Derpy2104d ago

Being no lawyer, I'm kind of curious myself as to how a judge in the U.S. has any power over what happens in Germany.