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Conrad Zimmerman writes: Nearly a decade has passed since Max Payne last brought his brand of violent street justice to a dark and unjust world, and videogames have changed dramatically in this time. And Max has changed with it, under the new direction of Rockstar Vancouver who are contributing the first game in the series not created by originating studio Remedy. Max Payne 3 is a game which is instantly recognizable by its gameplay tropes yet manages to achieve a fresh take on the character and his world without betraying his origins. Packed with fast action, brutal violence, and a striking cinematic style, all of the stops have been pulled out to make this the most exciting entry in the series to date.

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j-blaze2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

what a disappointment, i wanted that fat guy to review this game so he could not review Dragon's Dogma :(

@ thorstein

yes, that's him....i really don't want him to review Dragon's Dogma cuz i know he would give it a bad score, thats what he did to some of my favorite games "like Nier and Heavy Rain" the guy is desperate for some attention it seems!

thorstein2168d ago

Lulz, that douchewagon is called Jim Sterling.Bubs for you!

Zha1tan2168d ago

or perhaps he just has his own opinion on games and is not paid off like the other big review sites are? lol

funny how every big brand hyped game gets a 9/10+ isnt it?

LOGICWINS2168d ago

j-blaze, if you know he's desperate for attention, why do you give it to him by mentioning him?