The Problem With Multiplayer...

Morten Olsen of Bagogames: Now, our readers can put their torches and pitchforks down, I am not here to rag on multiplayer, nor am I here to spew vitriol in the form of personal opinions … that much.

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Ajoyshop2287d ago

I have never been a multiplayer person. For me multiplayer comes second to single player and when faced with a game with a short or pathetic single player and a overly robust multiplayer it makes me a bit perturbed.

Bagogames2287d ago

Oh, in that case you probably shouldn't buy Starhawk.

Bathyj2287d ago

I'm an SP gamer only these days.

MP died with Mariokart 64 and Perfect Dark for me. It other words, it was splitscreen, and playing someone in the same room that drew me in.

pumpkinlord452287d ago

I enjoy multiplayer. Single-player I enjoy also. Multiplayer allows the game to live longer and it's an easy selling point.

liberator232287d ago

I love multiplayer, I think that it adds a huge replayability aspect to games.

Nes_Daze2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I don't understand why there's online multiplayer but not co-op in MOST games, do people have real friends anymore?

metsgaming2287d ago

local coop/mp is so much fun, you cant ever get anywhere remotely close to that with online.

Bagogames2287d ago

Killzone 3 came with Local Co-Op. It was quite tacked, but it was fun. Anything that has co op is fun, especially campaigns.

WriterWhelp2287d ago

Most likely it's because online multiplayer simply sells better. Singleplayer as a whole is starting to look less and less profitable in comparison to multiplayer. With online multiplayer, you need two people who have each bought a copy of the game, rather than two people sitting around the same console.

But really, which developer will want to make an intricately crafted singleplayer experience when online multiplayer is so much more profitable? Look at TF2. Valve can release a hat into the game that does nothing and requires them to do basically nothing as well and make money off of it. Why wouldn't they want that?

Nes_Daze2287d ago

Good point, unfortunately what's profitable isn't always what's best for some gamers. I can't believe I actually had to search for some co-op games. Hopefully co-op will be demanded more from the masses.

metsgaming2287d ago

single player > local coop > local multiplayer > online coop > competitive mp

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