Diablo III Real Money Auction House: Analysis of Fees, Market Forces, and Strategy, Part 2 writes: "Last time, we looked at how the fees for the different auction houses will affect trading in Diablo 3. Today, I’d like to look at it from Blizzard’s perspective and understand how the company selected the fee structure, what it will be paying attention to, and how it might treat the auction house in the long-term.

If there’s one thing Blizzard learned from Diablo II, it’s that there is a huge demand for functional in-game economies. Where Blizzard did not provide, players and companies emerged and established methods for trading and valuation. Both Diablo II and World of Warcraft have shown that there is a huge demand to use real money to purchase things, like characters, items, and gold. Blizzard took a staunch “no-RMT” policy for World of Warcraft, as expressed in the game’s Terms of Service, and does not hold back in banning accounts used to sell items or gold."

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iTZKooPA2259d ago

Not sure I agree with the writer's expectations regarding botters/farmers inability to ruin the AH. You know they're going to try.

Megaton2259d ago

They better be on top of dupers. I quit Diablo 2 because of dupers. Everyone and their mother had several perfectly runed Windforces. Making it rain with SOJs. Economy destroyed.

iTZKooPA2259d ago

They definitely learned from that. I can't see duping being possible more than the incredible short term.