PlayStation Vita 10 million sales guidance may include price cut

PlayStation Vita certainly still has time to turn things around, but the picture so far is pretty dismal. With just 1.8 million units sold worldwide, financial analysts aren't so optimistic that Sony will hit its own goal of 10 million sold by the end of the fiscal year next March. RW Baird's Colin Sebastian told GamesIndustry International that 10 million at this point looks like a "stretch."

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donniebaseball2073d ago

At this point, I think they pretty much have to cut price if they want to gain any momentum whatsoever.

GraveLord2073d ago

A price cut wouldn't make me buy the Vita.
I want to see some exclusive games for it. Games I can't get on my PS3.

aDDicteD2073d ago

yup, same here, but there are only handful of titles announced maybe it'll grow later this year or early next year. and by that time for sure they have good deals and price cut on the vita as well

LOGICWINS2073d ago

"A price cut wouldn't make me buy the Vita.
I want to see some exclusive games for it."

How about both?

WeskerChildReborned2073d ago

Would a 150 wifi version make you buy one? or a 199 Wifi/3g vita? I sure as hell would buy one in a heartbeat if they were those prices.

Hisiru2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

A price cut at this point would make Sony lose some money. Vita doesn't need price cuts, this thing is a very capable machine and I think the price is good. Vita just need more games. Games you can't have on HD consoles (I wouldn't buy games like SFxT, Bioshock, Mortal Kombat, UMvsC3 and some other console ports because I can have it on my PS3).

Sony needs to do exactly what they did with the PSP (Loco Roco, Patapon and some other exclusive games, maybe some third party games like GTA).

DigitalAnalog2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

You know what, I'd like a price cut on the smartphone market as well thank you very much.

But I digress.

If you would notice regarding Nintendo, the price-cut did more damage to their revenue; however it paved the way to make the 3DS more readily available and like any console that sold with a "loss" - by now you know they can make up for it in software. So it was either a profit from the device or software.

For SONY NEITHER option should be considered. Vita is barely if not making a loss per unit sold, if a price-cut did to the 3DS being overpriced to start with - just what would happen if SONY did the same with the unit already has EXCELLENT value in itself.

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BlmThug2073d ago

Price cut = yes please :D

Akuma-2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

I think some of you are right, a device that can do so much where you'd have to spend close to 1000dollars to do everything this device can do should drop the price because a lesser device like the 3ds did it.

Most people want quality and a lot of it for little to nothing. My opinion is that Sony shouldn't drop the price because it will sett a bad precedent where the less fortunate will want their quality products to buy so they'll wait a few months for a massive price drop.

The 3ds should cost less than it does now because its basically a little stronger DS with 3d. Everything on the 3ds is 10 year old tech except for the 3d and even that is old tech also and not good enough for a lot of people.

The vita just needs to be on the market longer and garner a lot of games and then if they are quality titles then a lot of people will buy it. The vita has a lot of good games now and the device just launched like literally three months ago. People are insane if they think it needs a price drop. To each their own, different people like different software but the vita is the best handheld ever made technologically. It does everything the 3ds can do but better except 3d.

TekoIie2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

What they need to do imo is get games that naturally release on the 360 and PS3 on the Vita. Assassins creed 3, Call of duty and Skyrim (100+ hours of gameplay wherever i am? YES PLEASE).

This will bump up vita sales and i wouldnt expect it to be hard for devs to do something like this.

Kalowest2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

A Vita+ Memory card price cut would help(Vita + 4G bundle for $180).

BubloZX2073d ago

you are such a low baller. they wouldn't make any money off it for that cheap. It cost $159.10 to make a 3g vita and even at 299 they still don't bring in huge profit,Sony can't afford to be in the red like they did with the ps3. they do make money off of every vita sold which is good but the can't be huge risk takers this time around. The 3ds as of March 2011 only costed around 103 and its alot cheaper now so the current price tag is more manageable. Gotta think realisticly

BubloZX2073d ago

I see them selling around 7 to 8 million by then. Lmao Sony earlier was hoping to sell 16 million of the things. If they get more awesome titles, and cut those memory card prices in half then I think the prices of the vita would seem more appealing to consumers if they know everything else about the vita is affordable.

Machioto2073d ago

The selling of 16 million vitas was to include the psp as they were assuming that the demand of the vita would increase and their last gen system decrease.

miyamoto2073d ago

...will definitely make sure there is a flood of games coming to PS3 & PS Vita.

But yeah a price cut is definitely not out of the question.

I heard SoE CEO Jim Ryan that all of PlayStation will now focus hard on the younger gamers. Thank goodness for addressing my complaints.

I hope they will make the PS3 & PSVita more balanced console in terms of:
1)brand marketing - gaming for all ages
2)competitive price point: price cut on hardware & software.
3)software variety & identity for hobbyist & casual gamers & gaming related apps
4)hardware capabilities like decent internet browser

The PS Vita is in the best position than the PS3 for bite sized games in bite sized prices. I hope Sony realizes this and does not screw this up.

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Myst2073d ago

To further add onto Donnie's post I'd say they'd also need to add more to the game roster. I know devs are working on it but I (personally) have not heard a lot on the side of the vita. Mainly I've been hearing such and such as been pushed back (Dragon's Crown), no word on it (Call of Duty) that we saw at the keynote when it was first being unveiled, or it just won't be localized (Monster Hunter) saw the same at the keynote and almost nothing about it over here.

Then again as I've stated before on numerous topics about games and I should heed my own words is that it will take time. I just hope we can hear something relatively soon. The brightest bit of news I heard was XSEED localizing Ragnarok Odyssey a game which certainly looks spectacular.

cmpunk532073d ago

Even a 5 million goal is very hard at this point... I really hope that Sony has something in store that will make the vita a must for gaming. The only real games that can save it right now is call of duty, elder scrolls, gta or if monster hunter will return.

gtxgamer22073d ago

I will get a vita when MEMORY CARDS get a price drop, i could care less how much the system is.

MasterCornholio2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Lol just do what I did.

Buy a Vita with a free 8GB memory card. Then later I got lucky and I received a 32GB stick for free due to a contest (thanks N4G).

The price of the memory cards isn't really an issue because there are plenty of deals offering them for free along with the Vita. Unless your planning on sticking to digital games of course.


live2play2073d ago

yea do what he did... which is get lucky and win a raffle to get things for free....

seriously cornhorle dude thats just ridiculous and plain dumb to suggest

wait for a price drop for the system, memory cards, and have better/more games

Dojan1232073d ago

I did not pick up at launch because of the memory card being extra. I wanted to wait to see if there were anymore "gotchas". Since then I have lost interested and need an incredible FPS multiplayer game that I can play on the PS3 and take with me on the road.

Would love to see Valve make team fortress 2 for it as well.

DJ2073d ago

It just needs some powerhouse franchises, and E3 should help boost its presence. Sony kind of forgot to market it.

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