Gamefly Sticks it to Gamestop in Hilarious New Ad

Gamefly's latest ad is a stroke of Genius. Speaking to anyone who has ever traded a game into Gamestop, or well, stepped into a Gamestop, the spot features disgruntled customers going into rages after getting insulting offers for their games.

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GamerSciz2042d ago

Gamefly is a sweet deal. Try it out for cheap, and you can even buy it for like 15% off or something. I mean I rented Tiger Woods recently and could then just "keep it" for $45 but I believe that is still without an actual case or booklet/manual. Not sure on that part.

Still, a funny commercial nonetheless.

mauleriscool2041d ago

they mail you the game case and manual, Ive bought games from them before.

GamerSciz2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Ahh sweet good info. Bubbles and thanks.

And I am assuming they just go to the next game on your gameQ...right?

Skate-AK2041d ago

I would love to get gamefly but I live in Alaska. I don't think they ship here.

Ripco_Keller2041d ago

That's what I was thinking when I watched it "$9?! I've never seen them offer that much for a game!" Maybe they were trying to trade in a stack of games?

RXL2041d ago

wow...hilarious and first thing i thought was 9 dollars?...whoa they must be trading in a game that JUST released to be getting that much at gamestop..

Skate-AK2041d ago

I got $25 for Saints Row The Third back in March. Still felt like I didn't get enough.

RXL2041d ago

they bought it off you for 25 they go right around and stick the price of 56 bucks on it..and just doubled their money..

loan sharks have a hard time seeing that profit increase

ChunkyLover532041d ago

That is pretty funny. I never trade in any games to Gamestop, I also hate how when I buy a "new" game from them, its often opened already.

DrRobotnik2041d ago

So true. I have a friend that is an assistant manager at Gamestop. He actually told that when new games come in, they open them up, take them home to play. And when they're done they reseal the used game with the wrapping plastic and a heat gun. I never bought games from them since.

RXL2041d ago

same thing my friend told me lol..(also works at gamestop)

he says they get to "rent" the new games..

what a crock of poop

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