Rumor: Grand Theft Auto IV dated for March and SingStar dated for February

From the article: "Baker & Taylor, a distributor that mainly works with libraries, has published a few interesting release dates in their January 2008 "Alert" catalog.

They have SingStar marked down for release on February 16, while Grand Theft Auto IV is scheduled for a March 11 release."

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TheExecutive3986d ago

Stack this rumor under very possible. Its a little sooner than I thought but it would be sweet if it were true.

Joey Gladstone3986d ago

Prototype will set the NEW STANDARD for sandbox games NOT GTA 4.......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Drekken3986d ago

I still say "The Joey" is going for the fastest stripping of his bubbles!

Its the dudes mug and the nightmares of Full House.

replikka3986d ago

i hope this rumour is true. i dont give a heck about singstar tho. GTA 4 is what im looking forward to.

jcgamer3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

EDIT: I made an edit to my previous comment...I made a quick mention of what version of GTA IV I had on pre-order and here comes a potential war that I do not want to start...if you want the 360 version...fine, get it...the ps3 version...fine, get it...I know which one I'm getting...keep the wars to a minimum on n4g in 2008...too many great games...

Hugh Hefner3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

And miss out on the exclusive Xbox 360 episodes? No thanks. As a Ps3 + 360 owner, I am choosing the 360 version (that and Achievements rock)

jcgamer3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

I much rather be able to play it all day long, for as many hours as I want to...without the worry...ya know? lol

Hugh Hefner3986d ago

Poor you. Maybe you have an "old" 360. I never worry when playing it, and I play it everyday 5 - 6 hours a day. Anyways as I said, exclusive episodes + Achievements > PS3 version.

liquidsnake3986d ago

1. I'll rather play it as long as I want without thinking of RROD
2. The exclusive materials won't show up until 2009, Rockstar have said it themselves.
3. GTA is ment to be played on Ps3 with the sixaxis controller.

jcgamer3986d ago

I don't need exclusive episodes bro...and the PS3 version will probably have achievements...and you don't know what Rockstar has cooked up for the PS3 version...

sheng long3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

screw the 360 exclusive content when you can't even play the actual game because of RROD(yes mine is in texas right now getting looked at).no more multi games for my 360. exclusively first party.

AzaziL3986d ago

While I'll definitely be getting the 360 version not because I like the 360 but because I'm a hardcore GTA fan(boy) and just have to play the episodes, I so know that my 360 is gonna die soon. Started to have problems with CoD4 after a few hours of online play and basically I'm just trying to get the RRoD before GTA comes out so I won't have to worry for at least a complete play through of the game.

To think about it, it's pretty sad but I'd rather do that then have the 360 die on the intro. Just in case, I'm going to get the reg edition of IV on PS3 and keep it there for a rainy day, ps360 ftw.

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n_n3986d ago

great to have SingStar... my daughter has been waiting for this and LBP. but then, we'll have to fight over my PS3 :\

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