Starhawk Review [Average Joe Gaming]

Starhawk is a space-western third-person shooter, and the spiritual successor to one of the PS3′s first games, Warhawk. Now with a fully fleshed out single player campaign, co-op missions, an even more robust online game, and one of the most impressive new gameplay mechanics on the market right now, this sequel has certainly earned it’s place among the stars.

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BraidedWALLACE2255d ago

Its an amazing game.. Sometimes I feel sorry for hard work these little studio put in into making fun games.. Sony spend millions on new ips games.. An this so call community dont support.. I wouldnt be mad is sony pull a MS next gen because of this.

Ducky2255d ago

Well, it might actually fare better if the game was advertised more.

beef3e2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

I haven't seen any sales numbers for it yet, but hopefully it'll do well. It really deserves it. I could understand if Sony went more MS next gen but I hope and pray that doesn't happen.

And @ FatOldMan, Sony is HORRIBLE at advertising. I seriously don't understand it.

360GamerFG2255d ago

It entered the charts at number 14 in its debut week. Weak sales.

beef3e2255d ago

Ouch. In a week when pretty much nothing else came out (I think the biggest competition was Minecraft on XBLA and Datura on PSN) that's very weak.