Diablo III - All Cut-Scene Cinematics

DSOGaming writes: "The gates of Diablo III will open in a couple of hours and here we are now with all the cut-scene cinematics from the game. Naturally, some of them contain spoilers so avoid them if you don’t want to spoil the fun. As we can see, there is the intro cinematic, three more cinematics and the final one. Enjoy!"

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Hooby2134d ago

Unfortunately blizzard storylines seem to all be turning quite generic. The demons come and try to take over heaven. Not predictable.

alessandro102134d ago

Honestly without offending anyone i dont see what people see in this game, have watched like 30 minutes of footage and i dont feel it at all, probably the cool things happen later, or its just not my cup of tea

Tr10wn2134d ago

I'm pretty sure is your cup of tea, no worries we'll still like it.

pr0digyZA2133d ago

Diablo is a game that needs to be played not watched, it's not like uncharted where its like a movie and even the viewer has fun. Its about the feel of the game. No wonder it doesnt seem interesting try get a free pass from someone to try it out (thats how you really see if you like it or not).