On the Couch: Why People Enjoy Gaming

There are reasons why I, and possibly why many others, enjoy spending some of their free time playing a video game. To me, it is an interactive interest that rewards the player with a feeling of accomplishment through active participation. Compared to books, TV, and movies, all major forms of entertainment in today's media, video games bring to the couch some unique features.

There are those that might consider time spent sitting on the couch with a controller in one's hand as wasted time, but let's compare it to other ways of taking in media. When did you last get to interact with one of your favorite television dramas? And not only that, but when did you feel as if you were an integral part of that series, progressing the outcome? Of the various forms of media at peoples' disposal today, the act of playing a video game is one type of entertainment that rewards the player with that sense of achieving something. You can read a good book, and take in the atmosphere laid out in the sentences on the page.

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THESONYPS32075d ago

Because its fun, relaxing, good hobby and good business for me :)

bahabeast2075d ago

relaxes mind, blows off steam, its fun, healthier than smoking I THINK

OneAboveAll2075d ago

Because I can leave the realm of real life and substitute it for a fantasy world where anything can happen.

recninja2075d ago

You know, I agree with you and all, but sometime it's time to face reality. Get off the couch. Grab some orange juice. And head right back to your couch.

That's life for you.

OneAboveAll2075d ago

Sometimes I have to return to reality to take a leak...