Zelda: Top 5 Bosses

A look back at some of the toughest and most memorable boss battles from one of the greatest series in gaming history, The legend of Zelda.

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Lord_Sloth2111d ago


Fylus2111d ago

Do you mean Goht? lol

Anyways, a top 5 boss list doesn't do the series justice since there were sooo many awesome bosses. I think it should have been a top 10 at least.

Here's another 5 to add on to your list:

Phantom Ganon
Dark Link (More of a mini-boss, but worthy of the spot nonetheless.)

silkrevolver2111d ago

I liked the final form of Ghirahim a lot.
Maybe a little easy, but cool nonetheless.

RaymondM2111d ago

I'm going to disagree with you on a few of these bosses, but I think you argued your point well enough and you are entitled to your own opinion.
But I will have to say that Ganon was one of my favorite bosses. It was so epic seeing him change form for one last shot at Link. Epic end to an epic game

MurDocINC2111d ago

I prefer bosses that were challenging and more swordplay.
-Dark Link
-Iron Knuckle, Majora.
-The Two Armoured Knights, Twilight finale castle.
-All Four Armed Skeleton in Skyward.
-Last two bosses in Skyward.