Ferrari Challenge UK Preview by IGN

With the full version of Gran Turismo 5 still teetering on the horizon, System 3 is looking to fill the carburettor-shaped hole that lies at the heart of the PS3 with Ferrari Challenge, a simulation-style racing game replete with a garage full of some of the finest sports cars known to man. IGN recently had an extended hands-on with a build of the game and was left impressed by the pretender to Polyhphony's throne.

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Close_Second3963d ago

But nothing special, not like GT5. Can anyone tell me how well non-GT driving type games fare on the PS platform?

I would only buy arcade style racers to compliment GT.

nicholascage243963d ago

However Forza 2 and this one ends up in the elite league too.

GT5 is incomparable but these 2 are great 2oo

Kyur4ThePain3963d ago

pick this up to tie me over until GT5 hits.

2 cents3963d ago

GT5 is sure to kick ass of most driving games, but the ps3 has so few of them that all driving games are welcome untill gt5 arrives.

Dpa3963d ago

Looking good, shame its arcade not simulation but oh well. Probably end up being PGR4 with less features, tracks and cars but better graphics.

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