A Warning From a Reformed Diablo II Scammer

Kotaku writes: "Future Diablo III players beware. The Diablo universe isn't known for being a friendly and welcoming place. There is a darker side to Diablo and its players. This is your warning."

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Drekken2200d ago

None of these "scams" were even good ones. The trade window one worked sometimes... These weren't even the devious ones.

kevnb2200d ago

bla bla bla... who approves this drivel?

SKUD2200d ago

As requested:

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FlashXIII2200d ago

Reading this brings me back to like 10 years ago when me and a few friends were finding creative ways to scam people on runescape.. ah what it was like to be young and without a guilty conscience.

sovietsoldier2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

i never scammed people, however back in diablo 1 i had a bad habit of kicking people and having their account deleted if i didn't like them, do i feel bad? nope,actually puts a smile to my face still today.