Five ways to make the PS Vita suck less

GZ's Vito Gesualdi writes, "The PS Vita is a damn sexy device, and with some smart planning Sony could make their portable a major contender. Unfortunately, they've still got some kinks that need to be worked out before they can truly start unloading these beauties. So Sony, here are my top five pieces of advice for making your PS Vita into a true success story."

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Akuma-2259d ago

One reason needed only, don't be a nes fanboy.the vita launched with more software than the 3ds had in one year.

VitoGesualdi2259d ago

Yeah but a lot of the games are terrible. Ridge Racer, Katamari, Little Deviants...

MmaFan-Qc2259d ago

Katamari was "terrible"? lolwut?

i can totally understand that its possible for YOU to not like katamari games, but saying it was "terrible"? ..dont be ridiculous son.

GodHandDee2259d ago

Sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about. Lot of the games are horrible?

Golden Abyss
Mutant Blob Attack
etc etc.

So no, just because few games are sub-par doesn't mean 'a lot' of the games are terrible. And no Katamari is not terrible, it's just different

Lucretia2259d ago

exactly, and alot of them were great. the 3ds even now only has maybe 5 good games?....more like 3...Bleh.

kid icarus, RE:revalations, ......umm, dangit, maybe im missing something, i feel like i am......the other games are just ports,....soo ok to my knowledge in my house there is only 2 good and new games. that sucks

MasterCornholio2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

1. Kid Icarus
2. Resident Evil Revelations
3. Super Mario 3D Land
4. Mario Kart 7
5. Nintendogs
6. Nintendcats
7. Pilot Wings
8. Professor Layton
9. Super Street Fighter 3D edition
10. Orcania of Time

Im not a huge fan of the 3DS but I will admit that it has a good library of games.


Only those who are jealous of MK Vita will say it's a bad game because truth is even though the graphics arnt top notch the gameplay and the content is incredible especially the new bonus challenge tower now that's a great addition to the Vita version.


rjdofu2259d ago


FriedGoat2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I completed this game in like 3 hours. 100%.
Streetfighter was the only game i could play until Zelda (a game i have completed 1000 times) came out.
Vita is definetly a more exciting system so far. Sure the Mario games are ok, But Mario 3D land has nothing on Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart 7 is also inferior to its DS counterpart. I loved the DS and DS Lite, kept me entertained for years, unfortunately the 3DS had me bored for months.
Kid Icarus is the latest purchase i have made and its not too bad, But for a system thats been out this long? The list of great titles is pretty pathetic.

FriedGoat2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Obviously nobody knows a decent handheld, The DS Iterations of Mario/Mario Kart are much better and have more content than the 3DS versions, If you disagree with that you are a fool. I like Nintendo and I loved the DS. I just feel shafted with the 3DS as do most people who aren't in denial.
Plus, Professor laton is not a 3DS game.

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smashcrashbash2259d ago

Exactly. The 3DS launch titles were atrocious at best. Sony comes out with even more and it's STILL not enough for Sony people with the same stupid cry when the PS3 came out 'VITA has no games'. MK just came out the other day with high scores all around and people are still resorting to the lie that it is a bad port of the game. We will get more games. We see them being previewed and shown all the time. Why is it the Nintendo people have the patience to wait for more games and we don't?

metsgaming2259d ago

odds are the people who are complaining will never like the Vita no matter what, just a bunch a fanboys and lame websites looking for hits.

Kisama2259d ago

Because you need to be a fanboy to hate a piece of crap?

GribbleGrunger2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

there is NO reason at all. the Vita doesn't 'suck'. the product is an incredible piece of technology. there may be a case to be made on how it can achieve higher

sales. and take a look at the headline:

'suck less'

that just means that it will still suck but less so. who writes these articles? children?

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Waddy1012259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Suck less? I wasn't aware that it sucked in the first place.

There's also the fact that in Point 4 of the article the writer states that the marketplace needs to be beefed up with classic titles. The thing is there are way more classic titles and other things on the PS Store then there are on the 3DS store. And we have PS Suite coming which will open up the market to smaller 69p apps and other things like that.

For his point 2 he says that the Vita has only 15 titles, yet it has more than double that. There is about 30 retail titles and some downloadable ones like Escape Plan and Super Stardust.

And that Point 1 oh god, he obviously hasn't seen who is backing up the Vita and some of the titles that are being made currently.

miyamoto2259d ago

The title was a clearly a bait but the article is really a good read.

Author have really good valid points.

But I am praying this declaration from Sony will address all those problems:

cmpunk532259d ago

vita has 15 games.. what? are you drunk? really dumb article... I can't believe I even click it.

2pacalypsenow2259d ago

I love the vita and its potential but there just not enough games right now only game im looking forward to is Resistance

Outside_ofthe_Box2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

***"Either that or buy some other crappy franchise and revitalize it.

I mean, you could probably treat Bandai to a crappy dinner at the Olive Garden in return for the full rights to Digimon."***

Firstly, Digimon is not a crappy franchise. Secondly, this isn't too bad of an idea. If Sony could somehow get the Digimon rights and give it to one of their very talented studios they could end up having something special.

There's a game called Digimon RE: Digitize that is coming out for the PSP, had that been a Vita title or if the Vita had backwards compatibility, I'd be a vita owner right now because that game is going back to classic original Digimon World 1 style which was the best of the series imo.

Actually I really think the Vita would have sold more had it had FULL backwards compatibility. The Vita doesn't have must have games yet, but the PSP sure does. A lot of people right now are waiting for must have Vita titles before buying the Vita. Had the Vita been backwards compatible many would have gotten the Vita and would just play PSP titles in the mean time while they wait for must have Vita titles to come out. I really think not having BC hurt the Vita a bit.

MattyG2259d ago

THIRDLY, the Olive Garden is not crappy, it is delicious!

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