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Perched atop the bombed out husk of a building, I scan the razor wire fence line and nearby rubble far below for movement through the scope of my M1903 Springfield. Taking aim at a pair of Nazis chatting amidst the din of distant gunfire, I hold my breath, line-up my shot, and pull the trigger. The bullet spins through the air, hanging just for a second in the light, before it erupts through my target's eyeball in slow-motion and sprays blood, brains, and shattered cranium out the backside of his head -- all in gruesome X-Ray vision that provides a sickly intimate view of the grisly noggin slurry as it makes its grand exit.

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Sev2255d ago

IGN's review scale: 8-10

Blastoise2254d ago

So true. This is how IGN see's scores
10-very good

To be fair though scores in general mean nothing these days. Anything gets a 9 and 10 slapped on it if its hyped enough. *Cough* Skyrim *Cough*

Rampaged Death2255d ago

Which version did they review ? The PS3 has a huge problem that has put me well off the game. Auto saves aren't working at all. Until Rebellion fix that issue I would give this a 6/10.