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The GameFanatics review of Starhawk

We Liked: Fun, fast gameplay. Lots of online options, customization and clan options. New and exciting elements added to spice up a otherwise bland genre. Free future map packs.

We Disliked: Short, weak campaign. Minor graphical issues. No 1080p support

Overall: a 4/5

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F7U122198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

I'm a fan. This game is tremendous I freaking love it. I really want them to focus on the SP part and develop the characters more next time around.

svoulis2198d ago

MP is nuts, one minute you are running in a quiet desert setting. Next thing you know PURE CHAOS all around you. I love it.

Too bad I have to take a Hiatus from it for now as Diablo III comes out tonight and I MUST play that.

neutralgamer192198d ago

Game is great!!! Mp is just all out carnage and fun. My only regret is that it has come out so close to Max Payne three so now i have to limit my time on that. Ill be playing Star Hawk, Max payne 3. Uc3 and soon Resistance burning skys wtf!!!!! And i recently started GOW3 campaign over getting ready for Ascension. Till this day GOW3 is just epic and graphics are incredible!!!!!

urgentfury2197d ago

The only thing I disagree with is knocking it for not being 1080... it is extreamly rare to find a 1080p game on PS3