Black Ops II To Include a New Knifing System and SnD-Inspired Game Mode?

MP1st - "Little has been confirmed about the gameplay and game modes of Black Ops II’s multiplayer other than the fact that it will be set in the year 2025, as confirmed earlier by Studio Head at Treyarch Mark Lamia, and other than what we’ve discovered in our trailer analysis. However, since Black Ops II’s reveal on May 1st, developers at Treyarch have given us at least a few hints that we’ll have to make due with."

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WeskerChildReborned2203d ago

Well if it's not a one hit knife kill then i'm okay with that.

lsujester2203d ago

One knife in the back, two from the front and side, with no perks that can change that. That would make it much better.

And completely get rid of aim assist.

WeskerChildReborned2203d ago

Yea i hate the aim assist knifing where it would lunge you toward's the enemy.

Dovahkiin2203d ago

All of that^

Would make for a higher quality game.

F7U122203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

First it was KZ3(knife to the eye, awesome!) then BF3 and now BlOps. I like the new knife mechanics FPS are starting to use it makes for more immersive gameplay and also really satisfying kills. Look who's copying who now, good job DICE.

ginsunuva2203d ago

But then the game will be too hard for 7-year olds and it won't sell.

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GraveLord2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

I think they should leave it a one-hit kill if you have a perk for it.

Maybe a Pro perk for Ninja(or whatever they call it Black Ops II)?

Blastoise2203d ago

That'd suck though. Your knifing some guy and thinking "Yeah i hit first i`ll get this kill" then in the time between ur second knife he'll insta-kill you because he has a perk


HeavenlySnipes2203d ago

I wouldn't mind if the quick knife is two hit but an equip able one (which replaces your primary) was one hit. Only knifers have their weapon of choice and panic knifing will be abolished

FragMnTagM2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

That video has the gayest knife idea I have ever heard.

Juggling knives walking through people gets an insta-kill?

That is straight retarded.

Especially if they still allow knives to be more powerful than guns.

I absolutely hate when I am melting someone's face with half a clip of lead, and they knife me in my toe, arm, or even the air around me and I die, yet they continue on their merry way with bullets in their face.

The knifing system, along with many other things needs a major overhaul to get me back into COD.

Oooh and while they are at it, make the game be easy to pick up, but hard to master like Halo.

A legit 10th prestige is often easy for me to kill.

If I go against a high level player in Halo 3, or Reach I usually get my ass handed to me, and I am pretty damn good at Halo.

I hope Treyarch can pull some magic tricks this year seeing as how they are the ones that seem to try and push new ideas harder. IW literally gave us the exact same game 3 times now.

Everything that is in MW3, could easily have been in MW as DLC.

They could have easily done the DLC like Rockstar did with TLATD, and TBOGT. The two new episodes used the same assets ala MW1,2, and 3 and released for a lot cheaper price because of this. Imagine if R* had tried to release TBOGT and TLATD at 60 dollars.

Also, not attacking you man, but that idea is just silly in that video.


Hufandpuf2202d ago

Better yet, they should just have a perk that allows you to be able to knife. That way, people will have the mindset to opt for a better perk, or risk the trade off of using the knife.