Interview: Michael Inglis - Building LEGO Zelda

Recently we found out that a project to make LEGO Zelda a reality, via the CUUSOO platform, had reached 10,000 supporters and, as a result, has gone forward for consideration by The LEGO Group. There are still hurdles to get over, including the small matter of Nintendo agreeing to license the brand, but it's an achievement to celebrate and, who knows, perhaps some day we'll see this collection in stores.

Nintendo Life caught up with the man behind the project, Michael Inglis, to talk about its origins and why he chose The Legend of Zelda as his source of inspiration.

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NukaCola2111d ago

I would love to see a Nintendo themed LEGO title but spanning multiple games. I think Lego Zelda seems cool but I think they could go in a better direction with a LEGO theme. Also, 3D Dot Game Heroes is like the #1 3D 8BIT Zelda tribute title.

deletingthis346753342111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

3D Dot Game Heroes is my favorite game this generation. 8-Bit Zelda on an HD console with customizable characters? YEAH!

CaptainN2111d ago

Well I think its great idea he had trying to create a Lego Zelda toy set......the models came out great. Some people think this is about aZelda videogame, and its not. It about making Zelda Lego toy sets. I think its a fantastic idea,and its basically free marketing for Nintendo.