E3 2012 Anticipation: Sony Rundown & Predictions for Playstation 3

The Vortex Effect: It’s all about the games though, and I think Sony is going to shine more than anyone in this department. Just the games we already know will more than likely have a presence and be shown off on stage, Sony has a winner lined up. The Playstation brand is just loaded with killer exclusives.

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NastyLeftHook02257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I predict

1. the last of us gameplay
2. a short god of war ascension demo.
3. great gran turismo dlc.
4. new uncharted 3 dlc
5. new vita features/ip's
6. more from kara
7. new ip from guerilla games.
8. new ps3 features.
9. 2 new ip's.
10. exclusive content from a multiplatform game.
11. more playstation all stars gameplay


ps4 obviously


a ps3 price cut

WeskerChildReborned2257d ago

I doub't the PS4 will be announced but i think it will at next year's E3.

NastyLeftHook02257d ago

Either way im sure we can both agree we are in the times of a very close announcement. ;)

StingerVE2257d ago

I'm going to be so disappointed if Agent isn't at least talked about. I can't handle another E3 going by without a peep about this title.

This is the year it's going to be shown.

WeskerChildReborned2257d ago

True, i think when Sony start's to slow down on announcing PS3 exclusive titles, then we will probably see a PS4 soon.

gtxgamer22257d ago

Their said to also be showing off Next-gen tech demos