Will Max Payne 3 Blow you away?

Clickonline writes "Max Payne 3 is out this week!

And though I’m literally beside myself, muzzled by a brown paper bag as I hyperventilate in jovial anticipation, I suspect we’re all similarly animated.

So to distract us from this laborious wait, I’ve decided to illuminate an interesting development which has taken hold of Max’s legendary games developer/publisher over the past couple of years."

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morkendo232254d ago

Will Max Payne 3 Blow you away?

look cheesy duke nukem forever style.

seanpitt232254d ago

Well it will certainly blow me away!!

hiredhelp2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Max 1 blew me away
Max 2 blew me away
Max 3 need painkiller. Amazing

kevnb2254d ago

maybe if remedy made it.

kevnb2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

i think people are going to be severely disappointed if they played the remedy made games. To be honest max payne 3 looks like junk, only thing that could save it is the story. But the cutscenses look horrible with their weird effects and cheesy duke nukem forever style dialog...
gta iv was a huge let down, la noire was garbage, rockstar tennis lol, midnight club....
Only thing they have done right is red dead redemption.

hiredhelp2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I played remedy max games since hit PC wayyy back it was amazing but rockstar has followed this up well firstly i notice his face done well everyone gets older right..?
But they still captured his look secondly i notice they kept his voice in tact very important.
And now they brought him back better before with much better engine remedy using at the moment, realtime bullet slow mo, if they have a good story in this game Max Payne will be a worthy sequel.
Rockstar will not screw this loved game up.