The Guardian - Max Payne 3 Review

Keith Stuart writes: Rockstar knows how to do sleaze, that's for sure. From the Latino sex clubs of GTA III: Vice City to the rickety saloon bars and whore houses of Red Dead Redemption, this company has always reveled in the sights, smells and pleasures of the low life. And with Max Payne 3, the third part in a downbeat shooter franchise adopted from Finnish developer Remedy, it has crafted a masterpiece of underworld carnality, depravity and violence.

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morganfell2139d ago

I do not think this game will be a 5/5 for me. I will know tonight after the launch.

But too many reputable people have reported matters that are not subject to opinion but rather cold hard fact. Design choices that clearly prevent the game from reaching that perfect mark. Astounding, gorgeous, brutal...but not perfect.

The issues begin with cutscenes that remove weapons from the player magically and leave them with a lone gun and continue on to the bullet proof hat occurrences. Time will tell.