Jimquisition: Videogames Are A Luxury

"A common argument used to defend the videogame industry from accusation of anti-consumerism are that games are a luxury, therefore nobody is entitled to them. A fair enough suggestion, but one that misconstrues a number of reasons why the game industry is criticized in the first place, and the real reason why anti-consumerism is a problem. This week, the Jimquisition explains the folly of the 'games as a luxury' argument."

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vortis2232d ago

Annoying as this guy is...he's been on a ball lately, and I agree with every single one of these vids.

The biggest apologist arguments I'm tired of seeing are:

1.) Don't like it, don't buy it

2.) Video games are a luxury. Can't afford it, get a better job

3.) Companies just need to make money (refer to no. 1 and no. 2)

Kyosuke_Sanada2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I love when people use reason 3. It's hard to acknowledge anything as company when they are constantly breaking the number one rule, "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!" Soon as a gamer deems a product unplayable, professionalism is thrown out the window and negotiations become a mud slinging contest by throwing insults like "alarmists", "whiner" and my favourite "entitled"

Just like the guy said, "nothing short than miraculous" how this industry is staying afloat amidst the asinine decisions made....

vortis2232d ago

It's not a miracle, it's called ignorance.

Sterling completely misses the point of all those marketing dollars "gone to waste"'s to market outside the gaming demographic and hit casuals.

Casuals see a game like Mass Effect 3 and hear core gamers talk about how great it is and latch onto it...think about it, it was marketed almost as much as Battlefield 3 and if you read about the Mass Effect series on forums, Yahoo!, etc., as a casual it's enough to warrant a buy. It's basically a latching-consumer marketing scheme.

But core gamers are what make games popular in the first place, and it's gonna be hard for EA/BioWare to make money on another Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Star Wars game with so many jaded core gamers. In turn, it's gonna be even harder to get casuals to latch on without core gamers.