Is it game over for handhelds?

Consumer appetite for smartphones and tablet computers has left other gadgets facing an uncertain future. Hand-held gaming consoles are one of the categories under pressure.

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Wintersun6162139d ago

A device with only a touchscreen as a control device will never be able to truly compete with traditional methods of control, ie. buttons and analog sticks. Phones and tablets have taken a chunk of the casual side of mobile gaming, but there will always be people who want more from their mobile gaming device. Also it doesn't matter if a phone or tablet is more powerful than 3DS or Vita, because they are limited from the start compared to dedicated gaming devices.

Outside_ofthe_Box2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

***"Also it doesn't matter if a phone or tablet is more powerful than 3DS or Vita, because they are limited from the start compared to dedicated gaming devices."***

Bingo. 3DS is more powerful than the Vita yet it is selling well. Power isn't everything. Phone/tablets can be more powerful, but it will always fail when it comes to controls as long as it remains touchscreen only.

Wintersun6162139d ago

I believe you made a small mistake there. :) 3DS is less powerful than Vita, not more. But I got your point and agree.

Smartphone is like a Swiss Army Knife, it can save you in times of desperation but 99% of the time there is a dedicated tool which simply does what it's supposed to do better than an all around device.

Outside_ofthe_Box2139d ago

I meant to say less powerful lol!

Epic fail on my part.

Bobby Kotex2139d ago

That's true but it doesn't mean it won't be a niche product. I knew so many girls and casual gamers who had a gameboy, now they play all their games on their iphones. Trust me there's a huge chunk of gamers there.

Wintersun6162139d ago

I know there is. I'm not saying Vita and 3DS won't take a hit because of phones and tablets, what I'm saying is that it's definitely not game over for them either.

Also you should consider that during the glory days of GameBoy, were there any other viable options for mobile gaming? Not really. Now casual gamers can have one device that fulfills their needs, a phone.

It's only natural and to be expected that a big part of the casual audience won't buy 3DS or Vita. But that doesn't mean that the dedicated gaming market will be niche, you can simply look at 3DS sales for proof.

_Aarix_2139d ago

I never got that? Has anyone honestly tried touch screens enough to justify an opinion? I know everyone hates apple and thats fine but why do games not using buttons automatically not make it a game? Its called a METHOD. Look, i'm not saying that touch screens are as good as buttons, but ive played dozens of core games the app store has. Dragon odyssey frane, hector, nova, chaos rings, dark meadow, world of goo, real racing, phoenix wright, ghost trick, gta ctw and I could list off easily 20 more games that are fun. Why wont you guy give them a chance, I thought gamers enjoy games whereever they may be. Ive loved gaming all the way to the genesis but ive enjoyed ios a lot but why cant anyone else.

Also ill repeat my previous statement since some of the slow readers will miss it and tell me this anyway: Touch screen is not as good as buttons, but that doesnt mean theyre that bad..

ginsunuva2139d ago

Tablets have instant PnP native game controller support (android ICS only)
And some have keyboards and a usb port for a mouse(transformer prime)

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jujubee882139d ago

"Bubble gum" or "berry blast"?

ape0072139d ago

this debate will keep going on forever

WeskerChildReborned2139d ago

Well handheld gaming could never really compete with console gaming or PC gaming.

klecser2139d ago

And they coexist. So to say that handheld gaming can't coexist with iPhones and tablets is like saying clocks were obsolete the second that microwaves had digital clocks.

etownthree2139d ago

Yeah..... I agree

Smartphones, itouch, and pads are the future as far as on the go gaming.
Once apple releases its own blutooth enabled controller, then it's really game over.

klecser2139d ago

Good luck juggling the controller and iPad while on the bus. I don't think the practical outcome is exactly as you imagine it being.

andibandit2139d ago


obviously that is Apples problem to solve, but cmon, give them a little credit, you actually think they wouldn't try to solve the problem you just mentioned? LOL

etownthree2139d ago

Thanks @andibandit

Here's one quick idea, a compact controller that snaps in two and you can attach it to the sides of the iPad. Making it more like the WiiU controller.
Same controller can probably be used for iPhone and itouch.

klecser2139d ago

No, I don't expect them to even try. They aren't gamers. They don't understand gaming. Allowing independent publishers to publish games to your service does not mean you understand gaming.

Apple has been taking credit for being "innovative" in gaming on their tablet for years. They don't deserve it. None of the titles published are real games. They're time wasters. A controller is necessary to take it to the next level, but they seem very happy with their "cheap time wasters" style of gaming.

I know that "just make a controller" seems like a simple thing to you, but Apple's business model, attitude, and lack of understanding of gaming are significant barriers to this happening. Your idea is logical, no doubts there, but it doesn't happen until Apple gets "serious" about gaming.

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