MW3 Prestige Levels 16-20 to Be Added to Xbox 360 on May 15th, PS3 in June

MP1st - "Last week, we reported on the fact that the latest Modern Warfare 3 PC patch increased the number of prestige levels on the platform to 20. Also, we noted that Xbox 360 and PS3 users will get the same treatment at a later point."

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TekoIie2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Prestiging isn't the same anymore cuz of prestige tokens :/

TekoIie2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Well it was fun starting over again and having to unlock things from level 1. But once i hit 9th prestige i pretty much used the same weapons/perks at the beginning of every new prestige. It didnt make me use starting weapons and have to work my way up to unlocking better equipment because i can get it instantly.

It gets to a point where theres no downside to Prestiging like with COD4-black ops anymore :(

Robotronfiend2198d ago

Even now you can start 2nd prestige level with an ACR and MP7 unlocked (using tokens). The starter sniper rifle isn't too bad, so you basically have a much easier start even that early. It would be a bit harder if you couldn't unlock weapons/items with tokens.

jdktech20102198d ago

You know you don't have to unlock the weapons using the can get double xp or not use them at all.

Don't blame IW on your choices

flyinrhyno2198d ago

personally I like having a choice what to get with a prestige token. I hated the fact that before I had to give up everything and all I got was an extra custom class slot. and Token unlocks make it easier to use other weapons you normally wouldn't. I like being rewarded for playing, but it still keeps it balanced by having to re-earn weapon unlocks

PLAYER50952198d ago

wow microsoft even has a one-month exclusivity to this!

DJLB21152198d ago

they went overboard with prestige in this game. black ops had it right. 15 level with 50 ranks a piece. nuff said.

SpitFireAce852198d ago

Funny how they say it costs $40K to release a Patch....
when they maid 100s of millions of dollars on MW3