Can We Bring Back The Racing Game?

FleshEatingZipper writes: There it lies: a smoldering husk of a car spun off the tarmac into the weeds. Maybe the wheels can still spin, maybe the engine can still pump, but it seems like a lost cause at this point. Racing is a genre that you’d assume would have more heft than, say, snowboarding – which had a renaissance last generation and then quickly vanished with little trace - and yet here we are. Before I bought my first console, my experience with racing games was limited to Mario Kart and Papyrus’ relatively hardcore NASCAR Racing for the PC, but exchanging my keyboard and joystick for a controller was the best way to satiate my need for speed. But what happened? Why did these games disappear?

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NukaCola2136d ago

I think the racing genre is less popular now a days but it's still around. We have a good variety of over the top action, Kart and Sim racers out there. After reading this article, I really am hoping to find out (MAYBE E3) if Nintendo is planning an F-Zero for Wii U.