Hater Blocking, Without Hater Blockers

by: Nick Krone

So I noticed you’ve been catching a lot of flak for doing so well on online. I’m sure you’re wondering how I noticed this. *Hides camera* Don’t worry, I have my sources. What’s more important here is your lack of adequate retorts. Well yes, it CAN be hard to come up with the perfect one liner to send them to the corner with a “Dunce” cap, but luckily I’m here to help. I may not be the best player out there (then again I might be), but I know how to handle myself in game chat, which can sometimes be more useful. Now let’s make one thing clear, I’m not advocating for trash talk…..I’m advocating for reverse trash talk. After all, they started it. Here’s a breakdown of how to deflect all that hate coming your way

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